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Research Papers On Graphic Arts [only page]
Computer Art : A 15 page overview of the phenomena of
computer generated art and the controversy which it has
created. Concludes that the use of the new medium is no
more contradictory than the use of any new medium which
has evolved over the history of art. Identifies the field of
electronic art as one which is necessary for artist to
familiarize themselves with and to take advantage of if they
too are to move into the future. Bibliography lists 10
sources. CompArt.wps

The Role of Color in Graphic Design : A 4 page report that
discusses the interrelationship of color theory and graphic
design from a psychological impact perspective. A brief
overview of the role of the computer in the delivery of
graphic designs is also covered. Bibliography lists 6
sources. Colotheo.wps

Computer Graphics In The Movies : A 5 page essay on how
the modern film industry now uses 3D computer graphics
to create special effects instead of more traditional
methods. Bibliography lists 4 sources. 3dgrap.wps

GIF : Graphic Interchange Format : A 7 page paper that
describes the functions of GIF in the development of
images for the Internet. The use of GIF for animation is
effective because of the simplicity of the format as well as
the small files that GIF creates. Within the scope of this
paper is also consideration of competitors of GIF, including
JPEG, as well as new developments in GIF technolgy.
Bibliography lists 7 sources. Gif.wps

Image Compression Techniques:
This 15 page report
discusses the fact that, currently, JPEG is still the most
common way of storing and exchanging still-photograph
image information. However, fractal compression,
wavelets, progressive decompression, bandwidth
availability, are considerations, as is the ultimate
application of the various image compression tools. The
best compression techniques all lessen overall storage
density and transmission bandwidth for still and video
images, both within a system and between systems.
Therefore, new solutions are being (and have been) actively
sought. Bibliography lists 10 sources. BWimage.rtf

Designing a Brochure on the Desktop : A 15 page paper
looking at the process of creating a promotional brochure
from the designer’s point of view. Covered are such topics
as brochure types, design psychology, and the intricacies of
the printing process in today’s age of pre-press technology.
Bibliography lists 8 sources. Desktop.wps

The Impact Of Digital Imagery On Copyright Laws :
A 10 page research paper on the complicated issue of how
to alter copyright laws to protect digital imagery on the
Internet and elsewhere. Bibliography included.

The Sony Bono Copyright Term Extension Act : A 35
page paper discussing the legality of the latest revision of the
copyright law, passed in October, 1998. The Constitution
specifically states that Congress is permitted to “promote
the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for
limited times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right
to their respective Writings and Discoveries.” This latest
revision of the law neither promotes progress nor gives
authors exclusive rights to their own work, but rather
prevents works from reaching public domain for up to 95
years after publication. The paper argues that the newest
revision of copyright law is unconstitutional, using the
language and intent of the Constitution; practical examples
of supposed infringement prior to passage of the most
recent law; and previous Supreme Court rulings as support
for the argument. Bibliography lists 15 sources.

“Popeye is Not a Mickey Mouse Affair” : Arguments have
existed suggesting that fictional characters cannot be
copyrighted because they are an abstraction of the minds of
the viewer and, therefore, can have no tangible existence
outside the original work. Yet it is now recognized that
both Popeye and Mickey Mouse receive copyright
protection on the basis that they were sufficiently
developed to command protection. This 12 page paper
considers the issue of copyright laws as they have
developed in Japan and reflects upon the notion that
fictional characters like Mickey Mouse and Popeye have
been “developed sufficiently to command protection.”
Bibliography lists 12 sources. Popmick.wps

Technology & Film-Making : A 3 page research paper
focusing on the effects of technology on film making.
Specific examples are given of the new system JEDI
allowing the integration of cartoon characters and people.
Bibliography is included. Musictec.wps

Walt Disney the Animator :
A 5 page paper that looks at
the development of Walt Disney as an animator and as a
focus in the animation industry. Since his beginnings in
animation in 1919, Walt Disney always demonstrated his
skills as an animator, developing his skills from animation
techniques created by others. But Walt Disney's greatest
contribution to the industry was his organizational skills,
his eye for detail, and his animation process that he
developed for other animators. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Paul Rand :
A 5 page research paper on the famous graphic
designer. Rand is credited, more then any other designer of
this century, with bringing a modernist design aesthetic to
post-World War II America. The writer includes details of
Rand’s career and offers analysis of Rand’s work.
Bibliography lists 4 sources. Paulrand.wps

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