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Architecture & Design Papers (page 1)
Three Ancient Cities / Comparison : 14 pages in length.
In this research paper, the writer examines the artistic and
architectural backgrounds of three ancient cities : Albania's
Burtinti, Mexico's Cholula, and Sicily's Syracuse. It is
hypothesized that through an examination of their
architecture, we can learn much about the lives of early
inhabitants, and the thought that went into urban planning
(roadways, aqueducts, etc.;). Bibliography lists 10 sources.

The Dome Of The Rock : A 7 page essay on this beautiful
structure in Jerusalem. It is the oldest example of Islamic
architecture in which the original art work is, more or less,
unchanged from ancient times. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Agoras, Greek & Roman : A 6 page paper that explores the
ancient Greek and Roman architecture of agoras (public
squares), including their construction, materials, structures,
ornamentation, and social significance. Bibliography lists
5 sources. Agoras.wps

Ancient Egyptian Architecture : 2 pages worth of notes and
discussion about temples and various structures in Egypt
nearly 4,000 years old. No Bibliography. Egypttemp.wps

The Pyramids Of Ancient Egypt : An 8 page paper on the
great pyramids of ancient Egypt. Focusing upon the
Pyramid at Giza, the Pharaoh's pyramids, and more,-- the
writer examines architecture, purpose, use, etc;
Bibliography lists 6 sources. Pyrdhist.wps

Who Built the Pyramids : This 6 page paper explores the
possibility of alien life through a look at the ancient
Egyptian pyramids. The paper concludes that man did make
the pyramids but both sides of the issue are addressed.
Bibliography lists 6 sources. Whopyra.wps

Early Greek Architecture : Approximately 10 pages in
length. Paper examines periods and styles in early Greek
architecture. Bibliography lists 7 sources (also includes
annotated bibliography as well). Grrek.wps

Roman Architecture : An 11 page paper on Roman
architecture focusing on such subtopics as the dome
construction of temples & civic monuments, city planning,
theaters, the Domus, triumphal arches, Roman tombs, and
more. In addition to discussion culture, purpose, and
general aesthetics, the writer also makes mention of the
tools and methods used to construct these great
architectural works. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Roman Architecture # 2 : This subject is evaluated in terms
of its influence on western architecture in this 5 page paper.
Also discussed are social factors present when the
structures were built as compared with mores and systems
present today. Also included is discussion on building
materials and style which is compared and contrasted with
western art. Government buildings, stadiums, bath houses,
importance of the bedroom and magnificence of the
gardens are each highlighted. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Roman Architecture & Art Analyzed : This 3 page research
paper examines the evolution of Roman art and architecture
from a mere imitation of the Greek form to a style uniquely
its own, reflecting its own unique political structure.
Specifically discussed are Roman sculpture and portraiture,
and influence of Caesar Augustus displayed in Caesar
Augustus of Primporta and Ara Pacis Augustae as well as
the architectural marvels of the Temple of Vesta, the
Colosseum and the Pantheon. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

The Colosseum : A 15 page paper on the many aspects of
the Roman Colosseum. A section discussing the building of
the Colosseum is first included. This section describes
many of the details involved in the building of the
Colosseum, including the types of materials, the location,
and the labor involved. This is followed by a section
discussing the gladiators and then also a brief discussion of
other events which occurred in the Colosseum and other
arenas elsewhere that were in existence due to the
popularity of the Colosseum. A brief discussion about our
fascination with the Colosseum is also included, followed
by a discussion about the Colosseum today. Bibliography
lists 7 sources. Coloss.wps

City Planning In Renaissance Italy : A 12 page research
paper that analyzes the role of the Renaissance in Italian
architecture and city planning, focusing on the cities of
Venice, Florence, and Rome. The writer postulates that the
Renaissance style of simplicity and symmetry, along with
each city’s geography, particularly influenced the
development of neighborhoods and communities.
Bibliography lists 7 sources. Renitaly.wps

Stonehenge : A 1 page essay on the architectural
construction of Stonehenge; a mystical European creation
from the New Kingdom Temple- era. Bibliography lists 1
source. Stonehnge.wps *TOTAL FOR THIS ESSAY
ONLY $9.95!

Stonehenge Temples in England : The writer of this 14
page research paper provides an informative informative
view on the Stonehenge Temples in England. The
description of Stonehenge is inclued, as well as the theories
on how this monument came to be. Bibliography included.

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