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Papers On The Phillipines
-(only page in this subcategory)
Different Perspectives On The History Of The Philippines:
A 5 page research paper that offers two opposing
perspective to the acquisition of the Philippines by the US.
The writer argues that the official version of this acquisition
emphasizes the altruistic characteristics of US colonial rule,
but fails to mention the hidden agenda of the US Senate to
gain imperial status by acquiring US colonies.
Bibliography lists 3 sources. Viewph.wps

The United States Should Expand Its Relationship with
the Republic of the Philippines :
In 5 pages the author
discusses that the United States should expand its
relationship with the Republic of the Philippines, giving
social, political, and economic reasons. Includes free
one-page sentence outline. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

The Power of the Datu : A 2 page research paper on the
chieftains of the traditional Philippine villages before
Spanish conquest. The writer details how the villages
functioned and what gave the chiefs their power.
Bibliography cites 1 source. Filipin4.wps

Rizal as a Propagandist : A 5 page research paper on Rizal's
place in the Propaganda Movement in the Philippines. The
writer details what the Propaganda Movement stood for and
how the incidents in the novel Noli Me Tangere reflect
Rizal's true feelings. An Bibliography lists 2 sources.

The Symbolism of Maria Clara in "Noli Me Tangere":
A 4 page research paper on the character's place in the
novel, both as a story and as a political symbol. The writer
details her actions in the plot, and discusses why she is
important. The primary source is cited. Filipin5.wps

The Importance of Cofradia de San Jose : A 3 page essay
paper on the religious movement of the Philippines during
the eighteenth century. The writer details the history of the
group and its significance to native rebellions against
Spain. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Filipin2.wps

Filipino History as a Colonial Resistance : A 5 page
research paper on the Philippines and resistance to Spanish
rule. The writer details the religious, social and economic
aspects of Spanish colonialism, and how it helped to create
a nationalist spirit in the people which caused a continual
state of revolt. Bibliography lists 1 source. Filipin1.wps

The Reality Of American Imperialism : A 5 page paper
that reviews presented evidence justifying American
Imperialism and demonstrates the way in which
photographic evidence was manipulated to support
imperialism in the Philipines. Amerimp.wps

The Spanish - American War / U.S. Relations With the
Philippines :
This 8 page paper analyzes causes of the
Spanish-American War as it affected the U.S. acquisition of
the Philippines. The U.S. interest in the region, and in
Spanish politics, is discussed. Public and political forces
that shaped the country in 1898 are dissected. The interest
in this subject as the Philippines celebrated 100 years of
independence is considered. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

Bataan Death March / The Dichotomy of War : An 11 page
paper detailing the events leading up to the Bataan Death
March, the march, and the horrors endured by U.S. and
Filipino soldiers. Discusses the dichotomy of war and
relates how, in actuality, the Japanese invasion had some
positive long-term impacts. Bibliography lists eight
sources. Bataan.wps

Child Labor & Prostitution In The Philippines : Poverty is
blamed for child labor and prostitution in this 10 page
paper that focuses on the Philippines. The culture is
examined in an attempt to explain the disturbing
phenomenon of child abuse which exists in the country.
Bibliography lists 9 sources. Childlab.doc


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