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Papers On India (page 2)
Dhammapada : 6 page paper on this Buddhist philosophy.
The writer explores the history of Buddhism and 'dhamma"
and gives a summary of its basic principles. Bibliography
lists 5 sources. Dhamma.wps

Ramayana’s Grounding In The Dhammapada :
A 5 page paper relating three events of the Ramayana to
corresponding verses from the Dhammapada. The events
are Rama’s reaction to the news of his banishment; his
brother Bharata’s pledge to return the throne to Rama at the
end of his term of banishment; and Sita’s abduction.
Bibliography lists 1 source. Ramayana.wps

Women in Islam vs. Women in Hinduism : A 7 page paper
comparing the lifestyles of these two groups of women.
The writer explores the cultural and religious differeces and
modern society's perceptions of their traditional roles.
Bibliography lists 6 sources. Hinduisl.wps

Mohandas Gandhi : This 8 page paper examines the life
and legacy of nonviolent political activist Mohandas K.
Gandhi, known as the father of India, and includes some
recent allegations that the spiritual leader wasn't as saintly
has he has been historically portrayed. Bibliography
included. MGahn.wps

Mohandas Gandhi as a Role Model : A 5 page style essay
on why Mohandas K. Gandhi should serve as a role model
for the improvement of our own society today.
Bibliography lists 6 sources. Gandhi.wps

Indira Gandhi : This 8 page paper looks at the controversial
leadership of Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, who
ruled India from 1966-1977 and from 1980 until her
assassination in 1984. Bibliography included. Indirag.wps

Mahatma Gandhi / Spiritual & Political Leader :
A 5 page research paper discussing Mahatma Gandhi's
accomplishments as a spiritual and political leader.
Beginning in South Africa and continuing in India, Gandhi
led his followers on a path of non-cooperation and
nonresistance. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Mahatma.wps

Payne’s “Life and Death of Mahatma Gandhi” : This 7
page paper looks at Payne’s book in terms of the larger picture
that was Gandhi’s life. No additional sources cited.

Gandhi's Ideology : 12 pages critically analyzing the
ideology of Gandhi (advanced-level research).
Bibliography lists 6 references with all page #’s cited.

Lenin and Gandhi / Leadership, Power & the Pursuit
of Peace? :
5 pages. Any comparison between Mohandas
(Mahatma) Gandhi and Vladimir Ilyich Lenin might seem
obvious in the dichotomy: while Gandhi was considered
one of the greatest proponents of non-violence, Lenin was
recognized as a significant figure in enacting violence and
totalitarianism. But there are a number of similarities that
come to light when considering the influence and the
structures that supported the leadership of these two men,
and an important look at their own perspectives supports
this premise. Lengand.wps

Gandhi / Film Review : A 2 page review & overview of
the 1982/83 movie “Gandhi.” No Bibliography. Keywords
: film, India, history..Gandhfil.wps

ultural Imperialism in India :
A 5 page paper on this
perceived 'threat' in India. America's Western influence has
become imbedded in Indian culture, a situation that not
everyone in India sees as a positive element. Bibliography
lists 6 sources. Culimp.wps

Population Growth In India : A 3 page essay investigating
population growth in India, possible ways to decrease the
growth rate and what has been done to date. Options that
might be used successfully are offered. Bibliography
includes 3 references. Indiapop.wps

Indian Women and the False Promise of Education:

10 pages in length. As India becomes a significant player
in the newly-emerging global marketplace, the country's
women still remain socially inferior to their male
counterparts. This analytical research dpaper specifically
examines Indian women, the availability of education, the
false promise of employment, and some possible
socio-cultural solutions. Indiedu.wps


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