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African-American Studies Research Papers

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Black Social Issues, Politics, & Philosophy (page 1)
Out of SC / Black Migration 1916-17 : A 15 page research
paper that examines the Great Migration of 1916-1919 when
a huge number of African-Americans left the South for
better economic opportunities in the North. The writer
focuses particularly on the experiences of the state of South
Carolina. Bibliography lists 5 sources. 99exodus.wps

The Role of Extended Families in Black Culture : 5 page
essay exploring the role of the extended family in Black
families. Anecdotes as well as formal research studies are
reported. The importance of the extended family which
includes blood-related and nonblood-related persons cannot
be overestimated for the African-American family
particularly in helping the youth deal with prejudice.
Bibliography lists 5 references. Blackfam.wps

Social Work Strategies for African American Families with
Non-Custodial Fathers:
Nonresident or absentee African
American fathers' involvement in their children's lives are
significantly influenced by several factors. These include
the relationships with the children's mothers, work
schedules, multiple sets of children, and physical proximity.
This 12 page paper sets forth different strategies that may
well be implemented for each of the levels. Concerning the
problematic issue of the inclusion of the non-custodial father
in African American families, these levels would include
organizational, community, family and individual. The core
philosophy of all of the strategies is a family focused model
that is compatible with the current social policies and
philosophies surrounding social services. In all instances,
the social worker's role is seen as teacher and facilitator in
empowering the people impacted by the presented
paradigm. Bibliography lists 19 sources. KTswaafm.wps

African - Americans in American Politics :
A comprehensive, analytical 20 page discussion of the role
that African-Americans have played in U.S. sociopolitics.
Concepts such as Black nationalism (among others) and
multiculturalism are explored. Bibliography lists at least 15
sources. Afropoli.wps

An Africana Philosophy ? : A 5 page, comprehensive essay
discussing whether or not it is possible to have a unified
"Africana philosophy" in a world where African-Americans
have been so greatly dispersed. No Bibliography.

Deracialization in Black Politics : A 5 page analysis of the
political strategy of deracialization as it is used in black
political campaigns. This term refers to the refers to the
conduction of a political campaign by a black candidate in
which racial issues and themes are minimized thereby
appealing to more white voters. The writer discusses the
implications of this strategy and its relationship to traditional
black politics. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Polblack.wps

Negritude : 5 pages in length. The social, cultural and
political events that helped to shape the concept of
Negritude for Leopold Sedar Senghor, Leon Damas and
Aime Cesaire were vast and far-reaching when it came to
sculpting their individual interpretations of the word. In
short, the birth of Negritude was the birth of Black
Consciousness and the Harlem Renaissance, which was
hastened by the need for the African community to be
recognized for its beneficial and inherent contributions.
Spawning a significant literary movement in the 1930s,
1940s and 1950s comprised of French-speaking African and
Caribbean writers, Negritude opened up an entirely different
view of blacks that had never before been considered. The
writer discusses what Negritude represented to the
individual writers. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

The Harlem Renaissance and the Cult of “Passing” :
A five-page paper connecting the prevalence of the theme of
black people “passing” for white in the 1920s with the way
black literature emulated white modernism during the same
period. The paper concludes that in both cases, white culture
was seen as superior and desirable. Both a bibliography
listing seven sources and endnotes are appended to the
paper. KBharlem.wps

Josephine Baker & Diana Ross - Divas of Harlem's History:
A 7-page paper that compares Josephine Baker and Diana
Ross and the contribution that each has made to the
advancement of African American music. Included is a
discussion of the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s and
1930s and the effect this era had on black entertainment.
Also included is a brief history of the changes that have
shaped African American music from the time of the
Harlem Renaissance to the present. Bibliography lists 8
sources. LCHarlem.doc

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