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African-American Studies Research Papers

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More Papers On Historic Black Figures
& Their Works - last page in this section (page 6)
Alex Haley’s “Roots” : A 5 page book report which
provides an overview of the Alex Haley’s 1976 work of
“autobiographical fiction,” Roots. No additional sources
cited. Roots2.wps

Alex Haley’s “Roots” / Book, Miniseries & The Subject of
Child Developmental Psychology :
A 5 page paper which
compares Alex Haley’s book, Roots (Chapters 1-42), with
the 1977 miniseries to determine the major differences in
terms of how each addressed child development, the
difference in the socialization process between Kunta
Kinte’s tribe and that of Anglo-American children in the
U.S., the classification of Kunta Kinte’s society from an
American cultural orientation, and the development of a
child in Kinte’s culture with the same aged Anglo child,
from a specie perspective. Bibliography lists 1 source.

General Benjamin O. Davis, SR. : 10 pages in length.
General Benjamin O. Davis, Sr., was perhaps the most
influential African-American in the history of the United
States military. His efforts to desegregate troops opened
doors for all black men who subsequently enlisted in the
Army. The writer traces General Davis' illustrious career,
as well as touches upon his contributions to the black
military community. GenDavis.wps

Lani Guinier : In 5 pages, the author discusses the
African-American leader Lani Guinier. A general
examination of her contributions and beliefs is provided.
Bibliography lists 7 sources. Laniguin.wps

Ida B. Wells : This 5 page report discusses the life, mission
and accomplishments of Ida B. Wells (1862-1931). Wells
was a tireless crusader against lynchings and the subjugation
of African Americans in general. Bibliography lists 6
sources. Idawells.wps

Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. / 1960-1967 : A 12 page
overview of Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. during his years as
Chairman of the House Committee on Education and Labor.
The writer provides an historical view of his career in these
years with emphasis on the passage of the Civil Rights Act
of 1964 in terms of his leadership style, allies, and enemies.
Bibliography lists 5 sources. Acpowell.wps

Religion, Maria Stewart, and the Pure Principles of
A 6 page paper on Maria Stewart's speeches and
their influence and theme. Her notion of morality and the
coherency of her presentation is discussed. No bibliography.

Culture Conflict / The Ennis Cosby Murder : The Ennis
Cosby murder case is discussed in this 9 page analysis
where culture conflict is a predominant factor. Bibliography
lists 9 sources. Ennis.wps

The Life & Death Of Ennis Cosby : The murder of Ennis
Cosby as it relates to his father, Bill, is discussed in this 5
page essay. A Time magazine article, the only source used,
is highlighted. One subject addressed are the similarities
between the Cosby family and the Huxtables,the sit-com
family Bill made famous. Ennis' life and death is discussed
in detail, including his dedication to the cause of dyslexia.

Alain Locke and Stephen Thompson / Views on “The
Negro” :
A 5 page paper on Alain Locke's look at the New
Negro as compared to the Old Negro, and Stephen
Thompson's assessment of the validity of these claims.
No bibliography. Thomp.wps

Allexander Crummell / Ideas For A Black Future : A 5 page
paper on the new ideas and new aims for blacks suggested
by Crummell. His contradictory philosophy is explored. No
bibliography. Crum.wps

Michael Jordan / Cultural Hero : A 7 page discussion of
how, in the context of his career, accomplishments, etc;--
basketball player Michael Jordan serves as a persuasive
communicator and role model to the African-American
community. Many insightful examples are offered.
Bibliography lists 8 sources. Michaelj.wps

Michael Jordan - Is He A Hero? : A 5 page synopsis of the
1992 biography of Michael Jordan by Sam Smith. The
writer demonstrates that while Smith’s biography shows a
negative side to Jordan’s character not seen by his adoring
public, debunking the Jordan mystique was not Smith’s
intention. Smith succeeds in presenting Jordan, not as a
godlike superstar, but rather it offers a picture of Michael
Jordan as an ordinary person-flawed, moody, gifted and
human. Mikejord.wps

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