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African-American Studies Research Papers

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Black Social Issues, Politics, & Philosophy (page 7)
Civil Rights in the Twentieth Century – The African
American Reality :
This 12 page report discusses civil rights
and the civil rights movement of the past century. While it
was a time of social change in America that was
unprecedented, it is also essential to understand that while it
accomplished much, it did not solve America’s civil liberty
and racial problems. No other ethnic group has had this
more carefully documented in the past fifty years than the
African American community. Information is available
from sources ranging from popular fiction to the scholarly
archives of hundreds of universities. Bibliography lists 10
sources. BWciv20.wps

Rosa Parks Revisited : A 5 page analysis of an essay by
Herbert Kohl on how the story of civil rights activist Rosa
Parks is being taught to elementary children. The writer
argues that Kohl's stanceˇwhich is that the story has been
altered substantially for dubious purposes-is absolutely
correct. Bibliography lists 2 sources. 99rosa.wps

Black Literature: The Changing Aesthetic Norms In The
20th Century : 6 pages in length. Black literature has made
tremendous strides throughout the twentieth century. With
the invaluable help of such historical figures as Rosa Parks,
James Weldon Johnson, Richard Wright, Karenga and
W.E.B. Dubois, the representation of blacks within the
boundaries of literary arts has indeed blossomed. The writer
discusses how within their individual works and endeavors,
each one was significantly responsible for establishing black
literature as the respected and appreciated entity it is today.
Bibliography lists 4 sources. TLCBlkLt.wps

President Kennedy’s Civil Rights Legacy Analyzed :
A 5 page paper which questions whether President John F.
Kennedy actually left behind a legacy of civil rights, or if it
was merely a facade created to perpetuate the slain leader’s
memory. Specifically considered are whether or not JFK
actually achieved anything in civil rights, why or why not,
and the motives behind his involvement in civil rights.
Bibliography lists 4 sources. Jfkcivil.wps

Robert Weisbrot’s “Freedom Bound: A History of the Civil
Rights Movement” :
This 3 page report is an overview of
Weisbrot’s chronicle of the major events of America’s civil
rights movement. Bibliography lists 1 source.

James Meredith:
This 5 page report discusses the young
man who in 1962 found himself as the focal point of the
civil rights movement when he became the first African
American to enroll at the University of Mississippi, “Ole
Miss.” Four years later, he was gunned down while leading
the “March Against Fear,” an effort to encourage African
Americans to vote. He has remained active in civil rights
but his conservative views have alienated many.
Bibliography lists 4 sources. BWmered.rtf

"Why Are All The Black Kids Sitting Together In The
Cafeteria?" :
Beverly Tatum’s Views On Addressing Racism
In Children : This 5 page paper considers the major themes
in Beverly Tatum’s work Why Are All the Black Kids
Sitting Together in the Cafeteria? and the argument
presented by Tatum about the initiation of racist
perspectives in children and recognizing this issue as a
means of reducing the cultural acceptability of racism. No
additional sources cited. Tatum4.wps

Racial Discrimination And The Public School System :
A 9 page research paper that investigates the effects of the
desegregation laws and actions. The issue is far more
complex than just desegregation in the schools in terms of
racial numbers. There is an important issue of achievement.
Did these actions improve the achievement of any of the
students? The data are mixed on this question. The
hypothesis for the paper: does racial discrimination still exist
in the schools? is accepted based on the literature review,
however, other issues are equally as important in this
question. This paper discusses these and concludes with
suggestions for future studies. The bibliography lists 8
sources. Racial.wps

Blacks Crimes & The Inner-City :
7 page discussing the
causal factors of high crime rates among Black adolescents
in the inner-city. Also examines possibilities for change and
control. Based upon three pertinent journal articles- each of
which are listed in bibliography. Blakadol.wps

Black Crime and Unfair Sentencing :
An 11 page research
paper discussing in great detail the subject of blacks who
commit crime and the sentences that they receive.
Examines the disparity between white sentencing and black
sentencing--makes strong arguments. Bibliography contains
8 sources. Blackcri.wps *For More Papers On This, Please
Goto Our CRIMINAL JUSTICE section !

Minority Women In Criminal Justice Positions : A 9 page
paper in which the writer discusses the success story of
Vicki Miles-LaGrange -- an African-American woman
named by Bill Clinton to serve as U.S. Attorney. Examples
of several other such women are provided as well.
Bibliography lists 5 sources. Wmncrimj.wps

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