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Papers On Business Management &
Management Theory (Page 5)
"The Japanese Way Of Management" / Asian Capitalism :
An 8 page paper in which the writer provides an overview of
post-World War II capitalism in Japan and demonstrates how
this relates to the concepts of Japanese-style managment
systems (JSMS) using a number of relevant examples from
Japanese theories of management. Bibliography lists 2
sources. Japanman.wps

Management Styles / Comparison Between The U.S. and
Japan :
A 5 page paper comparing management styles in
Japan and the US. Not until the American public was tired of
expensive inferior quality and started turning to the Japanese
for increasing numbers of cars each year did American
manufacturing take Japan seriously. The management style
in the US had been that from the behavior school, with a fair
amount of autocracy included. The chasm between labor and
management was particularly wide in manufacturing
operations, while a healthy labor-management attitude
operated in Japan. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Mstyle.wps

Latin American Management Styles : A 5 page paper
discussing the prevailing styles of management in Latin
American countries. Chile built their businesses based on the
latest management theories of democratic management styles
insofar as they were able within the then-current limits of
their culture. The new-style managers of these
newly-profitable companies are investing in the latest
equipment available. Coteminas, in Brazil, uses Japanese
textile looms making the designs drawn on computers run by
French software and Mexican GEO builds 19,000 houses
each year. This new breed of Latin American manager with
international MBAs insists on highest quality and lowest cost
possible, and trains their own employees rather than bringing
in outside expert help. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Organizational Behavior -- Safeway, Inc. : A 15 page
research paper that investigates organizational behaviors and
dynamics. Social cognitive theory, self-efficacy theory and
Maslow's hierarchy are discussed. One section focuses on
maintenance models for grocery stores. One illustration
included. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Safewy.wps

Commitment In Organizations : A 20 page paper discussing
the determinants of commitment within an organization.
How the organization measures commitment, what the
antecedents of commitment are, and the levels of
commitment based on individual characteristics of workers
are also discussed. Bibliography lists 28 sources.

The Importance Of Vision And Mission Statements In
Corporations :
5 pages in length. Corporations are no
different than any other entity of life where there must exist a
distinct direction and method of operation. Instilling such
components into the corporation's framework in the form of
vision and mission statements is essential in the company's
overall concept. Without a firm foundation upon which to
stand, the corporation cannot expect its employees to
maintain their own direction if the company is floundering to
ascertain its own. By providing a secure and focused vision
toward the corporation's ultimate scope of achievement, as
well as a mission statement that defines the more detailed
aspects of its vision, a corporation is better equipped to attain
its goals. The writer discusses vision and mission statements
as they pertain to corporations. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Total Productive Maintenance : A 6 page paper discussing
the holistic view of manufacturing plant maintenance. TPM
as a strategic tool quite possibly could become the telling
factor that separates the most successful companies from
those whose overall performance is strong but never
spectacular. In today’s increasingly competitive business
climate, organizations must operate as efficiently as possible.
While TPM alone likely will not yield that edge that has the
potential of sending the organization to the top of its
industry, it can nevertheless make important contribution to
the overall success of the company and contribute to the
organization’s sustained competitive advantage.
Bibliography lists 8 sources. TPM.wps

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