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Papers On Mass Media & Broadcasting
- last page in subcategory - (Page 17)
Video Script For A Slide Show : Sold as 5 pages. This
document contains a standard video script for a business
presentation / slide show -- advertising a fictitious car with a
special V-14 engine. Graphics, sound effects, etc.-- are all
taken into account and written into the script. Vdscript.wps

Cellular Phone Fraud : A 12 page paper discussing cellular
phone fraud. Examines the victims and perpetrators, the laws
affecting relevant cases, and the costs. Bibliography includes
12 sources. Fraud.wps

Telecommunications Fraud : This 5 page paper argues that
telecommunications fraud will never be eradicated, only
perhaps slowed down. Specific types of scams and schemes
including cellular phone cloning are examined. Bibliography
lists 4 sources. Telfr.wps

The Telephone : A 5 page research paper that examines this
technological wonder of the nineteenth century. The
telephone is so taken-for-granted in modern society that it's
easy to forget that it radically changed the way people
communicate. The writer discusses how this invention works
and describes the early history of the Bell Company.
Bibliography lists 5 sources. Telephon.wps

Telephone Technology : A 4 page overview of telephone
technology. Includes information regarding the physics of the
human voice and the differences in analog and digital
telephone processing systems and newer systems such as
Signal 7 in processing this voice. Bibliography lists 5
sources. Teletech.wps

Telephone Service Providers & Their Networks /
Addressing Technological Change and Cost Feasibility
in a Constantly Changing Market :
Over the past century, the
development of the telecommunications industry from a
conceptual and primary stage to a distinct, vast and complex
web of interconnected providers and technology-based services
has defined it as a standard focus of the increasing global
business sector. The telecommunications industry, which clearly
impacts the lives of most Americans on a daily basis, has
developed as the connected operation of many businesses and
major monopolies, and has resulted in the call for a reshaping
of legislation that addresses the industry-specific issues in the
last decade. This 70 page paper reflects the changing face of
the telecommunications industry, and also considers the
efforts by specific telephone service providers and their
expanded networks to address the issue of technological
change while also maintaining their cost-containment efforts
and addressing the needs, both in services and in fees, of the
consumer base. Bibliography lists 24 sources. Teleserv.wps

Iridium LLC’s Launch : A 10 page paper discussing the
global telecommunications company’s success within one
week of the date it began service, making it possible to gain
global telephone and paging service through one telephone
number. In the planning and building stages from 1987 to
1998, Iridium LLC is the first of six planned global cellular
service providers to go operational after getting its network
of 66 low-orbiting satellites in place. Iridium begins service
with $2.5 billion in debt but great promise for success. The
paper provides explanation of general satellite differences, the
competition Iridium will face in the future as other companies
launch their own services and the relative cost of service.
Bibliography lists 12 sources. Iridium.wps

Telephone Technology Paradigms / Cellular Rises To The
Challenge :
An 8 page overview of cellular telephone
technology. Provides a technical outline of the telephone
industry as a whole and related the importance of challenge in
the improvement of technology. Presents digital technology
as the current paradigm in the field. Bibliography lists 9
sources. Cellulap.wps

To What Extent Should Media Manipulate Presidential
Politics ? :
In 3 pages, the author discusses the role of the
media in presidential politics. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Book Analysis / Understanding Media : An 8 page paper
giving a critical review of Marshall McLuhan's Understanding
Media. The writer describes McLuhan's theories and argues
critical points. McLuhan.wps

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