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Papers on Ecology & The Environment
(Page 2)
Environmental and Industrial Conflicts Over the Long
Island Pine Barrens / One Example of Environment & the
Law :
This 20 page paper reflects upon the legal issues and
political, social and economic determinants that impact social
change as they relate to the issue of development in the Long
Island Pine Barrens. This paper considers the conflicts
between environmentalists and developers, including Richard
Amper and Wilbur Breslin, and then reflects upon the legal
actions taken, the course of legal determinants and the
successes of the Pine Barrens Society under the leadership of
Amper in protecting some of the central Pine Barrens
wilderness in Long Island. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Evaluating Suggestions For Reducing Atmospheric
Carbon Dioxide :
A 5 page paper discussing proposals for
blanket limits on personal electricity use, regulating chemical
treatment of industrial emissions and addressing the suggestion
that all carbon dioxide emitting devices be banned. All are
negated; the paper offers alternatives. There are ways for us to
coexist with our environment without either harming it or limiting
personal freedom, but possible, workable solutions too often
are eclipsed by sensational and unsubstantiated claims of the
extremist view. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Carbdiox.wps

Carbon Monoxide : 5 pages in length. An overview of carbon
monoxide, the colorless, odorless environmental contaminant.
Discusses sources of contamination, physiological effects of
exposure and preventative methods. Bibliography lists 6
sources. Carbmono.wps

Drinking Water Quality : A 6 page research paper which
examines the problem of whether or not U.S. drinking water is
safe. The writer first defines the problem, and then looks at
what is being done at the state and national level to keep the
public informed as to the quality of their drinking water, and
what possible solutions might be implemented to help control
water quality. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Drinkwat.wps

The Hoover Dam : This 10 page paper provides an overview
of the Hoover Dam, including its history, construction and
present state. Also included is information on water power in
general as well as environmental issues. Bibliography lists 9
sources. Hdam.rtf

Effects Of Agriculture On The Mississippi River :
In 8 pages, the Mississippi River is discussed with special
attention paid to the effects of agriculture on the river.
Bibliography lists 19 sources. Missr.wps

River Pollution, Causes & Solutions : A 5 page essay on the
causes of river pollution and some of the solutions that are
being implemented to cope with the problems. Bibliography
lists 10 sources. Riverpol.wps

Water Pollution / Problems and Solutions : A 9 page paper
on the problems facing the world, and particularly the U.S., in
regards to water pollution. The paper concentrates on streams,
surface and ground water pollution and the most likely
polluters of those waters. The solutions addressed include
cooperative efforts, educational efforts, technology and
changes in the law. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Wpol.wps

Water Pollution Via Sewage Inputs / Regulations &
Alternatives :
A 10 page overview f the problems of water
pollution caused by domestic wastes. Discusses regulation and
the factors which influence it and identifies two alternative
methods for treatment and discharge. Bibliography lists 6
sources. Watpoll.wps

Environmental Impact of Surface Sewage Runoff (Includes
Information on Tennessee Law Relating to Issue) :

This 7 page report discusses the environmental impact of
sewage runoff in a variety of landscapes. Over 5.3 million metric
tons of sewage sludge are produced in the United States every
year. The sewage treatment industry, like others in the waste
business, has discovered, not surprisingly, that the cheapest
means of disposing of this yearly mountain is to spread it over
nearby fields. Bibliography lists 7 sources. BWrunoff.rtf

Pollution In The Everglades : A 5 page outline of pollutant
and other adverse environmental impacts to the Everglades.
Identifies domestic wastewater, over development and the
sugar industry as being the primary impacts to this extremely
sensitive environmental area. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

The Long, Slow Death of Florida's Everglades :
A 5 1/2 page paper that argues the point that industry and an
expanding population have done considerable damage to
Florida's Everglades and the ecosystem that it supports.
Emphasis is placed on the fact that the Everglades are being
crowded by agricultural interests to the north and urban interests
to the east, and the diversion of water from the rain forest to
support these two interests is disrupting its natural cycle and
leaving it short of needed water supplies. Bibliography lists 5
sources. LCEglade.doc

Environmental Poetry : A 5 page paper discussing the
environmental aspects of Stafford’s “Gaen” and “The
Radioactive Pail;” Blumenthal’s “Deep Ecology” and “Human
Excrement;” and William Cullen Bryant’s “The Prairies.”
Each gives a differing view of possibilities for man getting
along with, rather than destroying, the environment in which
we must necessarily live. No additional sources cited.

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