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Papers On Legal Briefs (Page 1)
Youngstown Sheet and Tube Co. v. Sawyer : A 4 page brief
on this particular Supreme Court case. The writer details the
facts, issues, findings, and significance of the case.
Youngst.wps *FLAT PRICE $ 39.95

Legal Brief / U.S. Supreme Court Decision # 1 :
R.A.V. v. City of St. Paul 505 U.S. _____ (1992) # 90-7675 ;
Argued : 12/4/91 - 6/22/92 Primary issue discussed is whether
or not law can prohibit hated based expression. Legalbre.wps
*FLAT PRICE : $ 34.95

Legal Brief / U.S. Supreme Court Decision # 2 :
Lee v. Weisman 505 U.S. _____ (1992) Primary issue
discussed is whether or not a school violates a person's right
under the First Amendment by allowing a religious invocation at
a state school function. Legalbr2.wps *FLAT PRICE : $

Legal Brief / U.S. Supreme Court Decision # 3 :
New York Times v. United States 403 U.S. 713 (1991).
Primary issue is whether or not the government has the privilege
of enjoining the press prior to publications whenever it feels that
national security is at stake. Legalbr3.wps *FLAT PRICE : $ 34.95

Legal Brief / U.S. Supreme Court Decision # 4 :
Wisconsin v. Mitchell, U.S. # 92-515 Argued : April 21, 1993
- Decided June 11, 1993. Primary issue is concerned with
whether or not penalty enhancements (for hate crimes) such as
Wisconsin's are prohibited by the 1st and 14th amendments.
Legalbr4.wps *FLAT PRICE : $ 34.95

Legal Brief / U.S. Supreme Court Decision # 5 :
Texas v. Johnson, 491 U.S. 397, 109 S.Ct. 2533, 105 L.Ed.2d
242, Argued in 1989. From case : Since the State of Texas
conceded that the actions of burning the flag were expressive
conduct, the Court had to decide whether the State's regulation
of flag burning related to suppression of free speech in order to
determine which standard to apply. Then the Court had to
decide whether the State had an interest in regulating the speech
which overrode the First Amendment protections. Sct.wps
*FLAT PRICE : $ 34.95

Legal Brief / U.S. Supreme Court Decision # 6 :
Terry v. Ohio, 392 U.S. 1, 88 S.Ct. 1868, 20 L.Ed.2d 889,
Argued in 1968. Primary arugemnt in this case concerns
probable cause and search/seziure, 4th amendement issues, etc;
Sct2.wps *FLAT PRICE : $ 34.95

Legal Memo / N.J. Supreme Court Decision # 1a :
Henningsen v. Bloomfield Motors Memo reviews and analyzes
an key 1960 New Jersey Decision regarding manufacturer and
dealer liability. Rather than strictly adhering to the fact that a
sales contract was signed, the Court in this case looked at the
predicament in which a buyer is placed when involved in such a
large, technical purchase as an automobile. The court also
examined marketing philosophy and the media used to advertise
to better decide whether or not the defendants could truly be
relieved of the responsibilities that the contract as claimed.
Legalme2.wps *FLAT PRICE : $ 39.95

Legal Memo / N.J. Supreme Court Decision # 1b :
Broken down into sections, this is essentially a shorter version
of Legalme2.wps, in which the analyst looks at legal issues and
social policy to ultimately justify the Court's decision in this
particular case. Legalme3.wps *FLAT PRICE : $ 35.80

Sexual Assault in New Jersey: A Legal Memo : This 8 page
legal memo outlines the basic elements of a case of a New
Jersey woman who was raped and the charges against her
accuser. This paper outlines the New Jersey legal statute for
sexual assault, and then uses case information to support the
legal claims of the woman against her attacker. MHNJrape.wps

Three Legal Briefs Analyses : 9 pages analyzing 3 Supreme
Court decisions: O’Gilvie & O’Gilvie (minors) v United States
and Kevin O’Gilvie v United States; Atherton v FDIC; and
United States v Brockamp. Two involve the Internal Revenue
Code; one was in determination of hierarchy of laws applying to
bank regulation negligence. In the O’Gilvie cases, the mother
had died of toxic shock syndrome in the early 1980s; her
husband and children were awarded more than $11.5 million,
some of which the IRS wanted and none with which the family
was willing to part. The Brockamp case decided against
taxpayers who overpaid their taxes and then sought refund
several years after the 3-year time limit for petition. Lawb.wps

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