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Papers On State and Local Government (Page 1)
State & Local Politics / Book Review : A 5 page overview of
the book titled “State and Local Politics” by Robert S. Lorch.
The book is breifly discussed chapter by chapter with deatils
here an there. The point is made that state governments are
essential to ensure that the country runs smoothly for the
needs of everyone cannot be met by the federal government
alone. No additional sources cited. Statelo.wps

Funding Small Recreational Facilities : A 5 page paper
discussing newer ways through which the small recreational
facility can find funding. In budget-cutting times, those
wishing to either create new recreational opportunities or
enhancing those already in existence increasingly are faced
with the need to take a more creative view of the issue of
funding. Funding for small recreational facilities is by no
means dead, but neither does it exist in the same forms it did
only a few years ago. The private sector is increasingly
called upon to finance and even construct some of the
facilities from which they will benefit. Bibliography lists 6
sources. Smallrec.wps

The Vermont Papers : A 5 page analysis of the book by
Frank Bryan and John McClaughry which proposes to
radically change governance in the state of Vermont. The
authors would change the fundamental unit of state
government to “shires,” that is, small geographical regions
with about 10,000 citizens each. The writer shows how this
concept could have radical implications not only for
Vermont, but for the country, and postulates that Bryan and
McClaughry have pointed the way towards the correct path
for government in the 21st century. No additional sources
cited. Vermontp.wps

Capital Punishment in Massachusetts : A 5 page overview
of the history of capital punishment legislation in
Massachusetts. Emphasizes the controversial nature of
capital punishment and the difficulty in getting any of the
bills approving the death penalty pass both the House and the
Senate despite obvious public support for the practice.
Bibliography lists 8 sources. PPcapPun.wps

Revenues vs. State and Local Tax Reform-- An Overview :
A 10 page essay on some of the effects of unthinking tax
levies of state and local governments in their desperate
attempts to increase their revenues. With an extreme lack of
forward-thinking, many state and local governments attempt
to have businesses bear the brunt of their budget deficiencies
for the short-term without thinking through the long-range
implications. Connecticut is used as an example: the state
doesn’t have exhorbitant tax rates for its businesses, but
many families are finding that their best option is that of
leaving the state, and Bridgeport, Connecticut’s most
formerly-industrialized city, now claims the lowest-priced
existing industrial real estate in the country. Bibliography
lists 6 sources. Taxrefo.wps

An Argument for the Legalization of Gambling in
Michigan :
A well-written 5 page essay arguing for the
legalization of casino gambling in the state of Michigan
(argument can be applied almost anywhere). A number of
sound socio-economic reasons are presented and supported
by statistical data. Counter-arguments concerning the
morality of gambling are addressed effectively. Bibliography
lists 4 sources. Gambmich.wps

Economics of Casino Gambling : An 8 page overview of the
economic considerations of legalized gaming casinos for
state and local governments, including increases in tax
revenues, increases in crime and other social problems
related to gambling. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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