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Papers on Eastern Mythology And Other
Cultures' Myths - last page in subcategory -
(Page 2)
Trickster Myths : In 6 pages, the writer discusses examples of
Trickster myths from two different cultures and demonstrates
their distinguishing factors, as well as what they each have in
common. They are the closest to the arche, or the beginning of
the world of human consciousness. This is a time of ambiguity
and ambivalence, when chaos warred with order and
differentiation, and when the gods were born. The Trickster
figure embodies human ambivalence and ambiguity through his
cunning, unpredictable behavior Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Narrative Forms Of Myth : An 8 page paper discussing the
narrative style of myths in different cultures. There are differing
views among scholars and anthropologists concerning the
structure of myths. The writer explores these disparities in great
detail. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Dundes.rtf

Mythology & The Mythopoetic Mind : A 4 page paper
discussing the existence of the mythopoetic mind as defined by
Mircea Eliade. To Eliade, all mythology was created as a
bridge from the human to the divine. Mythology, in his belief,
was sacred history, and no matter what the culture, myths
provided answers to the deep philosophical questions of who
we are, why we are here, and what perspective, based on
sociology and culture, defined existence Bibliography lists 3
sources. Mythpt.rtf

Superman vs. Achilles, Odysseus, & Others :
In this excellently-prepared 7 page essay, the writer argues
that motifs in modern stories such as Superman are actually
derived from those of ancient mythology. Comparisons are
made between Superman's weakness for Krypton and
Achilles' heel... -or--the Norse god Balder,-- who was immune
to everything except mistletoe. Moreover, just as Theseus had
Ariadne, Superman had Lois Lane. Similarly, Aeneas can be
compared to Clark Kent etc; No Bibliography. Mythsupe.wps

The Greek God Apollo : A 6 page paper that explores the
legends surrounding the Greek god Apollo and discusses the
religious rituals practiced in his worship. The nature of the
symbols of the bow, the laurel, and the lyre that are traditionally
associated with Apollo are explained. Apollo's early use of
music therapy is also explored. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

Forrest Gump / An American Mythological Hero :
An 8 page paper exploring Forrest Gump the character in
the popular movie of the same name as a popular American
mythological hero. Various aspects of the Forrest Gump
story are compared to the qualities of what we typically
perceive as the qualities of a [mythological] hero.
Bibliography list three sources in addition to the movie.

The Modern Mythology of Star Wars – “Phantom
This 7 page report discusses the upcoming
“prequel” for the “Star Wars” trilogies of movies and the role of
“Star Wars” as modern mythology. Throughout the earlier
movies, Luke Skywalker traces a path that can best be described
in mythic terms as "the hero's journey." “Phantom Menace”
now shows the audience the world in which the myth was
created and the circumstances that made it unfold in the ways it
did. Numerous mythic elements play important parts in
“Phantom Menace,” all of which combine to create a new,
mythological “classic.” Bibliography lists 7 sources. BWstar.rtf

Mystery Cults and the Pre-Christian Notion of God :
8 pages in length. An insightful look at Mystery Cults-- groups
that pre-date Christianity and yet who believed in the
"mysteriousness" of God -- found later on in sections of The
Bible (it is noted that God speaks extensively early on in
Genesis and then less and less as "mysteriousness" becomes
important). The history & origin (dating back to Ancient
Greece) of Mystery Cults is examined as are various myths and
the relevance of Judaism and even Oriental mysteries. It is
essentially concluded that many primary tenets of the Christian
religion actually pre-date Christianity. Bibliography lists 8
sources. Mystcult.wps

Joseph Campbell & The Mythic Image : A 5 page paper
discussing “The Mythic Image” by Joseph Campbell. The
author uses many types of art to illustrate many differences, but
mostly similarities, in the ways of myth. He addresses issues of
religion, enlightenment, and dreaming among others. His work
is highly detailed and intriguing. Mythima.wps

Joseph Campbell & Michael J. Harner / Ritual Compared :
A 5 page paper comparing and contrasting the ideas of these
two theorists about the function and importance of ritual.
Joseph Campbell was a well-known writer in the areas of
mythology and ritual, and frequently drew analogies between
established religious practices and long-forerunning
mythological beliefs. He maintained that ritual was an
important part of any religious practice as a way of setting the
practice apart from daily routine, working to keep it within the
realm of something outside, yet part of, the individual. Michael
Harner teaches shamanism to Westerners for incorporation into
holistic healing practices. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

The Myth of the New Jersey Devil : A short, 2 page look at
an old tale dating back to the 18th century which maintains that
a devilish, crazed murderer lurks in the rural sections of NJ's
pine barren region-- waiting for his prey. In brief, this essay
examines explanations for the story-- arguing that the entire
concept of such a murderous creature existing is completely
illogical. No Bibliography. Njdevil.wps

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