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Papers on Israel and The Middle East (Page 2)
Palestinians, Reasons Behind Actions, & The Role Of The
U.S. In the Problem :
A 4 page essay that looks at the history
and involvement of the United States in the Israeli-Palestinian
conflict. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Palest.doc

The Rise of Arab Nationalism and the Balfour Declaration :
An 8 page essay tracing the evolution of two of the Arab
states, Syria and Iraq, from the period just before World War I
through the end of World War II when Syria finally regained
full independence from France, the Allied nation appointed by
the League of Nations to oversee and assist the developing
countries of the mideast in recovering from the First World
War. France’s rule of Syria was oppressive, and did more to
bolster the Syrians’ commitment to Arab nationalism than to
win them over the France’s influence. Though Britain returned
rule and full independence to the Arab states of Transjordan and
Iraq as quickly as possible, only the prodding of the other Allied
forces of World War II and the fall of France convinced France
to withdraw from Syria. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

The Myth & Reality of Arab Nationalism : A 27 page paper
that provides an overview of the basic myths and
misconceptions regarding Arab nationalism and considers these
in comparison to the realities. This paper focus on the social,
religious, and economic issues that have actually divided the
Arab nations. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Arabnats.wps

Arab Nationalism / Why A Single, Unified Arab State Has
Not Yet Been Achieved :
7 pages in length. Despite the fact
that a single, unified Arab state has long been desired, the
ever-present distraction of nation-state patriotism and tribal
loyalties have remained the wedge that continues to defeat such
a quest. Arab nationalism is said to be at fault for this inability
to form a unified Arab state; however, there are those who
contend that there exist a combination of reasons behind this
ineffectualness. Not only does it have to do with Western
interference and narrow-minded Arab leadership, but it also has
a significant amount to do with the way that several
nation-states uphold their political and social contrarieties. A
considerable amount of critics believe that in order to achieve a
cohesive, single, unified Arab state, there must be an end to
violence and discord, as well as a move toward individual plans
of development and removal of the nationalistic ideal. The
writer discusses nationalism and unification as they relate to the
Arab states. Bibliography lists 6 sources. ArabNat4.wps

Moshe Dayan, Two Views : A 7 page paper on how Arabs
and Israelis view Moshe Dayan--past to present. The paper
provides background information from Boutros Boutros-Ghali,
and present day information from Jerusalem newspapers, which
extend to the past. The paper discusses the shocking news
released this year about Dayan's views of his own interventions
in the Middle East and the peace talks, and compares that to
Boutros-Ghali's reports on the same period. Bibliography lists 6
sources. Mosehday.wps

Jerusalem : This 14 page report examines Jerusalem and the
struggles, historical and current, the city has faced. It gives a
brief overview of the city's history, as well as the conflicts
inherent in a city considered holy by Jews, Christians, and
Muslims. Bibliography included. Jeru.wps

The Destruction of Jerusalem : A 10 page overview of the
ancient history of Jerusalem with emphasis on two of its many
periods of seige, the Babylonian siege in 587 B.C. and the
Roman siege in 70 A.D. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

Egypt / Her History and Future : An 8 page history of Egypt.
The writer discusses land holdings, industries, tourism, people,
crops, and water crisis. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Egypt.wps

Kuwait / A Country Study : A 10 page research paper on
Kuwait. Sections include: Early History, Geography,
Demographics, Politics, Social and Cultural practices. Kuwait
has become wealthy since the end of World War II due to its
involvement in the petroleum industry. Literacy rates are over
70%. Despite improvement in many aspects of life, women still
have few rights, e.g., they cannot vote. The writer believes the
religious beliefs are too much a part of the culture for this to
change in the near future. Bibliography is included. Kuwait.wps

Kuwait’s Solution For Peace In The Middle East : A 5 page
paper discussing the nation of Kuwait’s opinion and view on
how to best achieve peace in the embattled Middle East. With
the Gulf War still fresh in the nation’s thoughts, Kuwait has had
more than a brief encounter with the unrest that is part of daily
life in the Middle East. Bibliography lists four sources.

Jordan / Economy and Trade : A 10 page review of Jordan’s
economic history. Concentrates on foreign trade and the factors
which affect it. Emphasizes that long-term changes to Jordan’s
economic situation are dependent on other countries such as the
United States as well as on Jordan. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

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