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Papers On Religion and Political Issues
(Page 2)
Roman Catholic Church / Declining Membership? :
This 8 page essay investigates possible reasons for the
declining attendance at Catholic Masses. Reports from
leading sociologists and well as practicing Catholics are
offered. Comparisons are also made between previous
generations and today's membership in the Church.
Bibliography lists 5 sources. Romanc.wps

Religion Inc / Mixing God With Business : A 5 page essay
examining how religion has become a money machine and
much more like business than a spiritual community. Fund
raising practices are examined as well as the government and
religion connection. This essay examines Christian Churches,
The Nation of Islam, Church of Scientology and The
Unification Church. Bibliography lists 7 sources. religinc.wps

Sociology's Approach To Understanding The Nature &
Character Of Religion :
3 pages. The connection between
sociology and religion is unmistakable; without question, these
two elements of existence are distinctly intertwined within the
framework of every global society. Indeed, without religious
inclusion, which is truly a key component to contemporary living,
the world as it is today would cease to exist. Sociology's
approach to understanding the nature and character of religion
begins as far back as the Stone Age and reaches as far forward
as the Space Age, for there is not a single episode of life that
has occurred without the presence of religion. The writer
discusses these concepts as they are effectively addressed
in Joel M. Charon's “The Meaning of Sociology: A Reader.”
No additional sources cited.  Natchar.wps

The Catholic Church / Sex & Marriage : In this 5 page paper
the author discusses whether it is wrong to have sex outside the
sanctity of marriage? The Catholic Church says most
definitely, but in today's more liberal society, this notion might
not be as widely accepted as in the past. The writer talks about
how sex, marriage and chastity still hold firm within the
religion. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Cathsex.wps

Christianity And Mass Media : This 5 page paper explores
the effect of Christianity on mass media and attempts to forecast
the influence between these two segments of society in the next
50 years. Projections are made based on two specific trends in
society today, such as the baby-boomers seeking more meaning
in their lives and the increase in television programs with a
Christian theme. Bibliography lists 5 sources. PGmedia.wps

Social Learning from Mass Media : A 5 page paper
discussing some of the benefits that television can have.
Specific episodes have been instrumental in cases of assault and
murder recreating scenes aired only a few days before, and TV
in general has been blamed for contributing to society's general
decline in the "sex and violence" vein. The influence of mass
media on social learning is illustrated not only in these negative
aspects, but uses the popular series "Touched by an Angel" as
counterpoint. The ultimate message of the show is that one
person truly can make a difference, but only if that one person
stands up for what is right and acts on his convictions. That
message has been lost in the mass media for some time, but the
viewing audience is proving that network audiences are not so
shallow, after all. Bibliography lists 5 sources. KS-TBA.doc

Religious Minorities in America : This 6 page paper looks at
religious minorities in America. The primary focus is on how
such sects are portrayed by media. Catholicism, Santeria and
Judaism are a few of the religions included. Bibliography lists 5
sources. SA19Relg.wps

Catholicism and Life After Death : A 5 page paper which
discusses the different doctrines of the Catholic Church as they
apply to life after death. Purgatory is discussed and illustrated
as it is the most unique of the Catholic Church’s doctrines
which applies to life after death. Other various issues are
mentioned as well, including what the Catholic Church is
concerned with as we move into the new millenium.
Bibliography lists 4 sources RApurg.wps

The Concept of God : In this, the 'new age', more and more
individuals are defining their lives by their spirituality. Whether
God is a personalized amalgamation of several concepts or is
defined within the precepts of an organized religion, the concept
of God is central to the lives of a great many people. This 8
page paper asserts that the three religious orientations:
Christianity, Judaism and Islam all affirm theism, or the belief
that God exists, is the Creator of Man and his Universe and is
omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. Theism forms the
basis for all three religions. They also share the belief that there
is One God (monotheism), and a rejection of the deist belief that
God cannot intervene and, or, interact in the world.
Bibliography lists 7 sources. KTgodrel.wps

War / The Insanity of Religious Dogma : A 9 page research
paper on the effects of religious beliefs on the human mind.
The writer posits that religious dogma leads to war, based on
the conception of being “chosen.” This human concept is drawn
on the ideal that any single group within the human collection of
“God’s children” is better than another. In fact, this only gives
the warmongers an excuse to destroy humanity. Bibliography
lists 16 sources. Relwar.wps

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