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Papers on The Holocaust (Page 2)
William Poundstone's Prisoner's Dilemma : William
Poundstone's Prisoner's Dilemma is a philosophical biography
of the mathemetician, John von Neumann. Owing to his history
and circumstances, Von Neumann was a staunch believer in the
Nazi threat and, later, the threat of communism. He believed
that if using the hydrogen bomb would stop the spread of those
particular political regimes, then it should have been used
yesterday. He was a member of the team developing the bomb
at Los Alamos Labs in New Mexico and the 'think tank' at the
RAND Corporation. This 5 page paper examines the life of
John von Neumann, his development of game theory, and the
application of game theory to the Cold War. No additional
sources are listed. KTgameit.wps

Polish Anger & The Holocaust : A 5 page paper on the
writings of Polish Holocaust survivor Tadeusz Borowski in his
book “This Way for the Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen.” The
paper concludes that Borowski’s refusal to separate the
prisoners and captors into victims and villains has to do with his
own sense of shame as a non-Jew as well as his sense of Jews
as “outsiders”. Bibliography lists 1 source. Polisang.wps

Hitler’s Degenerate Art Exhibition : A 6 page paper in which
the writer provides an overview of the elements leading up to
the German "Degenerate Art Exhibiton" of 1937, in which the
Nazi's displayed and then destroyed the art works of major
modernists artists. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Degenart.wps

Kristallnacht / Turning Point In The Holocaust : A 9 page
paper discussing Kristallnacht, the events that led up to it and
why it was such an important turning point in the Holocaust.
Bibliography lists 5 sources. Kristal.wps

Adolf Hitler / The Man, The Demon : A 6 page discussion
of Adolf Hitler, his life and his atrocities. Hitler’s background
and twisted philosophies are expounded upon. Bibliography
lists four sources. Hitdemon.wps

Hitler's Rise To Power : 6 pages in length. A discussion of
Germany during the 1920's and early 1930's - with focus on
how economic conditions facilitated Hitler's rise to power.
Bibliography lists 5 sources. Germecon.wps

Hitler’s Rise to Power -- 1921-1933 : An 11 page paper
discussing the background of Hitler’s rise to power in the 1920s
and early 1930s. It considers the social, economic, and
emotional factors that contributed to the development of the
Third Reich. Bibliography lists five sources. Hitrise.wps

Hitler And The Voters : A 7 page paper that considers why
people voted for Hitler between 1928 and 1932. The writer
suggests that Hitler's personal characteristics and his ideologies
were supported by the economic and political climate of his day
and that people voted for him because they needed relief from
their existing political and economic situations. Bibliography
lists 7 sources. Hitler.doc

The Negative Use of Propaganda By Hitler And Others :
A 7 page paper in which the writer discusses the negative uses of
political propaganda throughout 20th century history. A sizable
portion of this discussion focuses upon propaganda used on the
Austrians during German occupation, Hitler's propaganda-based
manipulation of his own country in Nazi Germany, the
1990's-era Bosnian/Chechen conflicts, etc; Bibliography lists 4
sources. Propagan.wps

Adolf Hitler / The Man, The Demon : A 6 page discussion
of Adolf Hitler, his life and his atrocities. Hitler’s background
and twisted philosophies are expounded upon. Bibliography
lists four sources. Hitdemon.wps

Adolf Hitler, A Study In Tyranny / Book Review :
A 5 page discussion and review of Allan Bullock's biography
of the person who would come to be known as the 20th
century's most evil individual. The book examines Hitler's
reign in terms of political theory and ideology -- outlining
how he represented a definitive example genuine tyranny.
No Bibliography or additional sources used. Hitlerty.wps

Adolf Hitler and His Terrible Psychology : A 7 page
analytical discussion of Adolf Hitler as depicted by the authors
of two books : "The Mind Of Adolph Hitler" by Walter C.
Langer and "The Psychopathic God" by Robert G.L. Waite.
The writer specifically examines the underlying psychological
reasons for the Nazi leader's titanic will to power and discusses
why we must never let such a man achieve greatness again.

Hitler’s ‘SS’ In The 1930s : A 15 page analysis of the political
situation in Germany in the 1930s, and what part the SS played
in Hitler’s rise to power, including the power struggle that went
on between the SA and SS. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

Survival Strategies For Jewish Youth : 12 pages in length.
The Jews have, perhaps, been one of the most persecuted of all
peoples throughout history. Their pursuits to survive as both a
people and a religion have been paved with pits and valleys
from the time they began the struggle to reclaim what has been
lost to political and social strife. Jewish youth are no less
affected by these survival efforts, forced to often find their own
strategies of endurance. The writer discusses various ways
Jewish youth have survived throughout the twentieth century, as
well as addresses what impediments have fallen in their paths.
Bibliography lists 8 sources. Jewshyth.wps

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