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Papers on History of Psychology and
Theorists & Theories - last page in
subcategory -(Page 5)
Identity & Life Cycles / Erik Erikson : A 5 page essay that
explores the development of the identify in terms of stages and
cycles in life. Erikson's theories and work in this area was
pivotal in the field; this essay explains the process of
self-identity development and discusses the different times in
one's life when re-evaluation is necessary. Bibliography lists 2
sources. Erik.rtf

Erikson's Stages Of Development : A 10 page paper that
discusses the eight stages of development according to Erikson.
Each stage is discussed identifying the primary goal for each.
Identity crises, identity closure and identity redefinition are
discussed. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Erikstag.wps

Hermann Ebbinghaus : A 7 page research paper on the noted
psychologist. The writer details his life and works, and the
theories which made him a pioneer in modern psychology.
Bibliography lists 6 sources. Ebbingha.wps

Thomas Kuhn & The Structure of Scientific Revolutions :
A 4 page look at the works of Thomas Kuhn and his
advancements in Behavior Theory. Specifically examined is
the infamous "(The) Structure of Scientific Revolutions"-- in
which Kuhn developed his concept of a paradigm. Kuhn's
rationale and use if applied theory are assessed. Bibliography
lists approximately 10 sources-- including several by Kuhn
himself. Kuhn.wps

Scientific Revolution, Denial of Past : A 5 page
argumentative essay proving that scientific discoveries of the
17th and 18th centuries were promulgated by a rejection of
ancient and earlier principles, including mathematical
principals. Scientists quoted and observed include Descartes,
Bacon and Newton. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Kesey's "One Flew Over The..." / Chief Bromden
A 10 page research paper on the Chief, the
narrator of Kesey's fictional work entitled "One Flew Over the
Cuckoo's Nest." The writer details application of Freudian,
Lacanian, and Marxist theories to the character. Bibliography
lists 16 sources. Cuckoo.doc

Lawrence Kohlberg's Theories of Morality & Development :
An 11 page discussion of Kohlberg's three levels of morality
as they relate to child development. Assessed is how Kohlberg
elaborated the ideas of Jean Piaget and concentrated primarily
upon the socio-cognitive domain. Kohlberg's constructs are
applied to situations and evaluatively assessed. Bibliography
lists 12 sources. Kohlberg.wps

Kohlberg's Theory of Moral Development : This 5 page
essay identifies and describes the major components of
Kohlberg's theory. Examples of how one might behave at each
stage are offered. Speculation as to whether or not an
individual can be taught to reason or behave in a moral manner
is also covered. Bibliography included. Kohlmor.wps

Margaret Mahler's Theories of Attachment : A 12 page
research paper on Margaret Mahler's theories of early
childhood identity development. The writer details the theory,
its uses and its critics. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Mahler.wps

The Secret Language Between Twins : This 8 page paper
considers the nature of language acquisition and development
among sets of twins and relates what has been described as the
“secret language” that twins sometimes develop as an factor in
developing language. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Piaget's Theories of Development : A 12 page research paper
on the theories of Dr. Jean Piaget and his work in perceptual,
cognitive, and intellectual development. Piaget's formulas for
explaining the various stages of development are explained and
illustrative examples are provided. The work of subsequent
researchers who built upon his ideas is studied in an attempt to
evaluate several Piaget-born concepts such as his proposed
model of IQ testing.... Bibliography lists 20+ sources.

Pavlov’s Classical Conditioning : Approximately 6 pages
analytically discussing Pavlov's theory of "Classic
Conditioning" and the theories & philosophies which followed.
Report goes into great technical detail. Bibliography lists 8
sources. Clsscond.wps

Rogerian Counseling : 5 pages in length. Discord among
human beings is a normal, daily event at all stages of life;
however, it is the manner in which such antagonism is
addressed that determines how effective the outcome will
ultimately be. The writer discusses that while the medical
community utilizes a number of psychological techniques as a
means by which to address discord between and among people,
some theorists contend that the Rogerian counseling format is
not only less likely to cause the client harm, but it also teaches
those in turmoil a very basic method of communication.
Bibliography lists 7 sources. TLCroger.wps

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