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Papers on Chemistry  (Page 1)
John Dalton (1766-1844) : This 30 page paper celebrates the
life of chemist John Dalton. Provided are various sections
highlighting his accomplishments and includes a chronology of
his life. An analysis is also included which looks at the
scientist’s life in the perspective of the times in which he lived.
Highlighted is the fact that he discovered the concept of color
blindness and developed the atomic theory of matter. An
annotated bibliography of the 4 most important sources is part
of the paper as well. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Johndalt.wps

Alfred Nobel and The Invention Of Nitroglycerin :
A 7 page paper that recounts the history and effects of Alfred
Nobel's trials with nitroglycerin. Contrary to popular belief,
Nobel did not invent nitroglycerin, but his invention of
dynamite, its first usable form, was a significant breakthrough
for the scientific community as well as industrialization.
Bibliography lists 5 sources. Nobel.wps

Nitrogen Cycle : A 5 page essay that defines, analyzes the
current situation and provides an overview of actual and
potential solutions to the problems caused by the nitrogen glut.
Bibliography lists 5 sources. Nitrocyc.wps

Aluminum : An 8 page research paper on aluminum. Explores
the metal's history, properties, uses, and so forth. Useful for
those studying chemistry and other sciences. Bibliography
contains 4 references. Aluminu.wps

Asbestos : A 2 page paper detailing the composition of
asbestos, health consequences that are related to its exposure, a
history of its use, and problems with measuring asbestos levels.
Bibliography lists 4 sources. Abestos.wps

Environmental Safety & Asbestos Analyzed : A 4 page paper
which discusses and explores the continuing environmental
safety hazard posed by asbestos. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Action And Physical Properties Of Magma : An 8 page
paper discussing the origin, movement and physical attributes of
the substance that is known as lava once it exits its volcano.
Formed under intense heat (up to 4300C) and pressure, magma
has no choice but to rise. The absolute chemical composition
varies according to location on the earth’s surface, and chemical
changes in the magma as it moves toward the surface opening it
seeks can span a range of changes as minerals are precipitated
out of the magma and sink downward through it again.
Regrettably, old mudflows of prior eruptions appear to many to
be good homesites as builders populate the paths of former
mudflow channels with homes in the shadow of still-active
volcanoes. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Magma.wps

Cadmium In The Environment : A 10 page paper discussing
the effects of environmental cadmium. Cadmium is a naturally
occurring element, a heavy metal found in conjunction with
iron, zinc and copper ores. Once used heavily in electronics
manufacturing and believed not to affect the water supply,
research has discovered that cadmium does indeed leach
through the soil, affecting both ground and surface water. It can
be taken up by plants growing in contaminated soil and then
ingested by humans. Cadmium is cumulative in its effects, and
the dangers of long-term, low-level exposure include cancer,
kidney disease and reproductive problems, and may also
contribute to other physical conditions. Bibliography lists 32
sources. Cadmium.doc

RNA Polymerase II Holoenzyme : A 10 page paper that
considers the importance of the RNA Polymerase II
Holoenzyme in the process of gene regulation. This paper
specifically looks at genetic transcription and the necessity of
purification in the utilization of the enzyme in scientific
processes. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Biochem.wps

RNA Polymerase II Holoenzyme Protocol For Purification :
A 10 page paper that discusses the protocol for purifying the
holoenzyme and demonstrates a procedure, outlined by
Koleske, Chao and Young for the purification of the
holoenzyme in yeast samples. In order to provide the greatest
efficacy in the purification process, this paper also outlines the
sampling suggestions promoted by Koleske, Chao and Young.
Bibliography lists 8 sources. Poly.wps biochemistry

Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria / A Medical Waste Landfill :
A 5 page overview of existence of and the dangers presented by
antibiotic resistant bacteria. Includes specific information
regarding persistent and resistant bacteria in the Tulalip medical
waste landfill in Marysville, Washington. Bibliography lists 8
sources. Resisbac.wps

The Ozone Layer [Emphasis On Its Chemistry] :
A well-researched 8 page essay in which the author discusses the
ozone layer. The composition of the ozone, the harmfulness,
and possible benefits are discussed. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

"Chlorofluorocarbons & The Depletion Of Stratospheric
Ozone” / Article Review :
A 4 page summary of the contents
of this scientific article which discusses the contribution of
chlorofluorocarbons to ozone depletion and global warming.
No other sources are listed. CFC.wps

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