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Genetics and Paleontology  (Page 1)
MuD Bacteriophage & Operon in Gene Fusion : 10 page
paper. Despite the fact that gene fusion has been with us for
years, there is still significant opposition in the popular press to
“genetic engineering.” Myriad agents are used to accomplish
delivery of genetic factors to specific gene sites, many of which
are written of extensively in the literature. One that is not
written of quite as much as the others is the MuD
bacteriophage. Despite all the work that has been done in gene
fusion and gene mapping, the ultimate foreseeable value lies not
in science-fiction tales of cloning, but rather in understanding
some of the diseases with which gene fusion could be either
alleviated or cured. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

Genetic Expression in Cancer : A 12 page paper discussing
the actions and implications of genes p53 and pRB, and the
enzyme telomerase in the control of cancer. Genes p53 and
pRB are known to be tumor suppressor genes, inhibiting the
ability of cancerous cells to thrive. Over half of all cancers
reveal that the p53 gene has either been disabled or has been
dismantled at the cellular level. Telomerase is an enzyme found
most abundantly in association with cancerous conditions,
preventing the shortening of chromosomal “endcaps,”
telomeres, that happens in normal cell growth and division. The
enzyme prevents the shortening of the telomeres, prolonging the
life of the cell. Telomerase provides the best indicator of
cancerous conditions present and is measurable before there are
any symptoms at all. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Is There a Cancer Gene ? : 7 pages in length. A
comprehensive, analytical review of scientific literature positing
that cancer probability may be passed down genetically. Writer
summarizes existing research and provides some personal
opinion. 4 sources listed in bibliography. Cancerar.wps

An Argument Against Involuntary Sterilization : A thorough
12 page analysis of the "pros" and "cons" of involuntary
sterilization in which the writer argues against such a crude
form of control. Various examples of biased race-engineering
and incomprehensible experimentation are given to illustrate
points made. Politics and various cultures are explored as well.
Bibliography lists 5+ sources. Invoster.wps

The Advantages Of Bioengineering : 6 pages in length.
Despite the throngs of critics who oppose the use of
bioengineering in current endeavors, this scientific strategy has
only begun to open doors that have otherwise never before been
accessible. There are myriad possibilities for people's lives to
become enhanced in ways that have not ever existed;
researchers have only just applied the very tip of what
technological mastery they have uncovered. The writer
discusses how rapid advances in bioengineering not only
represent humanity's ongoing quest for a more pleasurable
existence, but also how it symbolizes the ability to provide
where nature leaves off. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

The World’s First Test Tube Baby : A 7 page paper on the
test tube baby and how the project has since contributed to the
modern science of cloning and DNA technology. The paper
discusses the various methods for in vitro fertilization and how
this has led to the development of life-saving medicines and the
recent birth of the Kansas City septuplets. The paper also
discusses some of the ethical objections. Bibliography lists 8
sources. Testube.wps

Embryonic Research, Genetic Engineering, & Cloning : A
8 page exploration of the controversy of embryonic research as
it pertains to genetic engineering and cloning. Presents both
positive and negative aspects of the practice and concludes that
we need to determine definition of such terms as “desirable”
and “undesirable” and decide how these definitions fit into our
own ethics and morals. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Ethics of Genetic Engineering Through The Eyes of
Aristotle :
Aristotle believed that an absolute moral standard
was not possible because morality is determined by behavior
and outcome and these are governed by the individual and the
choices made by that individual. The individual is by definition
unique, which foregoes that each choice and outcome is unique.
The concept of Plato's "good" is seen in terms of the action and
the result of the action, rather than a predetermined, 'a priori',
standard. Inasmuch as individuals dwell within a society, there
exists an ethical component to community behavior and is
grounded on the "purpose" of the behavior: the highest form of
community behavior being for the purpose of the 'good' of man.
This 4 page paper examines the issue of genetic engineering
from the view presented by Aristotle in the Nicomachean
Ethics. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Genengin.wps

The Selfish Gene / A Discussion of the First Two Chapters :
A 5 page review of the concepts identified in Richard Dawkins'
book The Selfish Gene. Emphasizes the role of the human body
as a machine designed exclusively for the perpetuation of the
genes. No sources are listed. Selfish.doc

The Myth of Frankenstein : More focused upon scientific
issue than upon the classic sci-fi novel, this 4 page research
paper refutes Mary Shelley's premise that scientists will some
day create life through brain transplants and other
methodologies touched upon in her story. Parallels are made
between genetics and the "Power of God" as well as issues
concerning the existence of the human soul. Bibliography lists 3
sources which support the writer's thesis that there is more to
"life" than the brain. Franken.wps

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