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Othello and Richard II & III
Desdemona in William Shakespeare’s “Othello” & Nora in
Henrik Ibsen’s “A Doll’s House” Compared & Contrasted :

A 5 page paper which compares and contrasts the female
protagonists of Desdemona in William Shakespeare’s tragic
play, Othello with Nora in Henrik Ibsen’s social commentary, A
Doll’s House. Bibliography lists 4 sources. TGdesnor.rtf

Shakespeare’s Use of Word-Plays : An 18 page paper which
examines the ways in which William Shakespeare used
word-plays (puns) for erotic, humorous and ironic purposes.
Specific plays discussed include Hamlet, Romeo & Juliet,
Merchant of Venice, Othello, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, As
You Like It and The Taming of the Shrew. Bibliography lists 9
sources. TGwspuns.rtf

Dramatic Structures and Themes of William Shakespeare’s
“Hamlet,” “Othello” & “King Lear” :
A 5 page paper which
compares the relationships between the themes and dramatic
structures of three of William Shakespeare’s most popular
plays, Hamlet, Othello and King Lear. Bibliography lists 2
sources. TGthemes.wps

Shakespeare Put to Music : A 5 page paper which examines
the whether or not the musical works of Verdi’s “Macbeth” and
“Otello” (“Othello”), Mendelssohn’s incidental music for “A
Midsummer Night’s Dream,” Tchaikovsky’s fantasy overture
and incidental music for “Hamlet,” and Cole Porter’s 1948
musical, “Kiss Me, Kate” (based on “The Taming of the
Shrew”) capture the quality and mood of the Shakespeare plays
which inspired them, or merely echo their plots. Bibliography
lists 7 sources. TGmusic.rtf

Bolingbroke and Richard II / Wars Of Blood And Land :
A 5 page paper analyzing the twin motifs of blood and land in
Shakespeare’s Richard II. The paper shows that the play was
really designed to argue that lineage was not necessarily the best
determinant of good government in order to uphold his own
sovereign’s legitimate title to the throne. No additional sources
cited. Bolingbr.wps

Richard II / A Comprehensive, Analytical Discussion :
A 9 page paper on Shakespeare's "Richard II" in which the writer
discusses plot, theme, and characterization in considerable
detail. It is ultimately argued that this play makes us aware of
the problems of its society and in doing so, the author strays
from the typical writing of his own day while remaining in tune
with his own usual style, subject, and theme. Bibliography lists
8 sources. Richard2.wps

Richard II / Character of Henry Bolingbroke : A 5 page
paper characterizing Henry IV in Shakespeare's play, “Richard
II”. Shows Henry's rite of passage in his determination to right
the wrongs perpetrated by Richard II in stealing Henry's family
land and fortune, as well as his determination to rid England of
a despotic king. Three additional sources cited. Henrite.wps

Richard III - Shakespeare's Treatment Of Women In His
Political Plays :
In this extremely well-written 8 page essay,
the writer is concerned with how, in Richard III, women are
given great clout,-- yet are disempowered at the same time. The
phenomenon of Shakespeare's treatment of women is then
compared with such in other plays (i.e., Henry IV - VII). It is
concluded that Richard III is distinct in that the power
Shakespeare takes from women is not only the power to curse
and seduce; it is also the power to transcend the frame of
historical representation, the ability to address the audience
directly without the knowledge of the other characters, etc;
Bibliography lists 12 sources. Shakewom.wps

Love in Richard III : A 5 page paper that considers Richard's
perceptions of love as they relate to the common theme of love
in Shakespeare's work. This paper reflects on perceptions
developed from reading the play as well as from the character
presented by Ian McClellen in his 20th century film version.
Bibliography with 1 source. RichIII.wps

Laurence Olivier’s Richard III : A 6 page paper on Laurence
Olivier’s film production of Shakespeare’s history play. The
paper looks at the way Olivier interpreted the character of
Richard through five soliloquies delivered in the film, and
determines whether these long looks into the contents of
Richard’s soul make him a sympathetic character. No additional
sources cited. Rich3.wps

The Concept of Evil in Ian McKellan’s Richard III :
A 6 page paper discussing filmmaker Ian McKellan’s version of
Shakespeare’s history play. It concludes that evil is not a state
of being; it is an active verb, and evil remains evil regardless of
its causes. An added section provides some history of the Globe
and Blackfriar’s theaters. No additional sources cited.
Richevil.wps McClellan

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