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Papers On Social and Political Issues In Sports
- only page in subcategory -

“Football Hooliganism” --Violence and Abandon in UK
Soccer :
A 7 page paper that provides an overview of the
phenomenon of soccer hooliganism and suggests some of the
sociological determinants that have resulted in considerable
problems in the British sports arena. Bibliography lists 5
sources. Socchool.wps

Spectator Violence At Major League Baseball Games :
This 5 page report discusses the incidence of violence in the
stands at major league baseball games. The wtriter also
examines the social factors that either encourage or support
violent behavior at sporting events. Bibliography lists 6
sources. Specviol.wps

Desegregation of Major League Baseball In The United
States :
A 10 page paper on the integration of Black athletes
into major league baseball. The writer describes the evolution
of the Negro Leagues and the reasons why it would have been
beneficial for these leagues to remain in effect as they
contributed to social bonding. It is argued that integration
damaged some of the pride and cultural experience that Black
athletes enjoyed in the Negro Leagues. Desegregation brought
about major opposition, ridicule, shame, etc; Irony exists in
the fact that Blacks were allowed to fight and die for America--
but they could not play baseball. And once they were allowed
to, nobody would accept them. Bibliography lists 15 sources.

The Media's Responsibility In Covering Sports : The writer
of this 8 page research paper attempts to answer the question of
whether the media can effectively serve any function in sports
other than commercializing our favorite ones. It is argued that
while the media does help promote our sense of spirit, motivate
fans, etc.; it also helps create unfair stereotypes for athletes,
undue pressure for college players, and promotes dishonesty in
those whose jobs depend on front of the camera.
Bibliography lists 4 sources. Sportmda.wps

The Media's Responsibility In Covering Sports # 2 :
In this well-reasoned 6 page essay, the writer discusses what
the media's ethical responsibilities should be in covering
sports-related issues & events and how these measure up with
reality. It is argued that the media spends too much time
influencing the opinions of fans while it should really be
providing objective news. Ultimately, the media's poor
coverage of sports helps ruin the private lives of athletes,
creates dishonesty among players & coaches, and in the
specific case of college sports,-- helps draw the spotlight away
from education itself. Recommended ideas about what the
media should be doing are presented. Bibliography lists 5
sources. Sportmd2.wps

How Television Has Changed The Game Of Baseball :
6 pages in length. Baseball and television have had a rocky but
financially rewarding union. The writer addresses various pros
and cons of televised baseball, particularly with respect to the
ever-increasing status of player salaries, and discusses aspects
of the game that have come into existence specifically through
the inclusion of television. Baseb.wps

Violence In Sports / Impact Of Athletes As Role Models :
A 5 page paper examining the affect violence has on children
and society at large, and particularly addresses athletes as role
models. The writer argues that, even though children look on
athletes as role models, they are somewhat more advanced in
their thinking than adults. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

A Sociological View of Violence in Hockey : This 7 page
paper discusses the sociological aspects of the violence in
hockey. Issues of social approval, aggressive play, opinions of
fellow team members, and public response are outlined in
terms of their roles in the continuation and validation of
violence in hockey. Bibliography lists 14 sources.

The Loss Of Ethics In Sports : A 5 page paper discussing the
phenomena of sports’ and athletes’ unethical and, often,
immoral behavior both on the playing field and off.
Bibliography lists four sources. Unsports.doc

The Cons of Youth Sports : A 7 page paper the explores the
negative aspects of youth sports, and includes consideration of
the impacts of competativeness, parental expectations, and
outside pressures on the children participating. Bibliography
lists 10 sources. Youthspo.wps

The Olympic Games & What They've Come to Mean :
A 6 page look at the Olympic Games; covering their history,
purpose, and growth. The writer goes on to examine modern
issues affecting the Olympics such as the controversy over
allowing "professional athletes" to compete, disqualification of
drug users, and the changing role of nationalism. Bibliography
lists 5 sources. Olympics.wps

Prejudice, Professionals, & The Olympic Games : A 6 page
research paper on professionalism and the Olympic Games. The
writer feels that professional athletes should indeed be allowed
to compete and provides documented, historic evidence to
support this argument. It is believed total integration, unity, and
utter lack of prejudice should be the focus of the Olympics-- not
political bickering and controversy over poorly-defined rules.
Bibliography lists 4 sources. Olymppro.wps

Turf Management & The Use of Pesticides on Golf
Courses :
A 20 page research paper on hazardous chemicals
and pesticides used on golf courses. Bibliography lists at least
15 references. Golfcour.wps

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