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Large Model Theses and Dissertations
(Page 2)
Regional Affirmative Action and Recruitment & Retention
of Students of Color / A Phenomenological Interview Study
of Multicultural Recruitment Admissions Counselors of
Small Liberal Arts Colleges :
Since the early 1990s, changing
perspectives on Affirmative Action have resulted in inquiries
into the nature of college admissions protocols and their legal
ramifications. Colleges and Universities nationwide have
struggled to recruit and retain students of color while also
addressing claims that Affirmative Action-directed admissions
policies constitute reverse discrimination. This 50 page paper
reflects the nature of the changing perspective on Affirmative
Action in the college setting, provides an overview of the
history of Affirmative Action, and then applies this information
to a study of multicultural recruitment, admissions, and
admissions counselors at three small liberal arts colleges.
Bibliography lists 35 sources. Phenomen.wps

Connection Between Child Sexual Abuse & Dissociative
Identity Disorder :
A 65 page dissertation that outlines the
history and causative factors related to dissociative identity
disorder (DID) with a focus on childhood sexual trauma. This
research study focuses on the treatment of sexual adjustment
as an outcome of the research provided. Bibliography lists 43
sources. Dissid.wps

I.B.M.'s RISC Technology / A Model Dissertation Proposal :
A model 8 page dissertation proposal to discuss the possibility
of preparing research into whether or not IBM's RISC
technology is likely to remain a worthwhile strategy in the
future. Goals, barriers & issues, and a fairly lengthy
bibliography are included. This paper is linked to a complete
version (Ibmrisc.wps; 20 pages in Computers & The Internet
Section of this Catalog)-- Please send us e-mail for more
details. Infodiss.wps

Electronic Mail Software & Groupware : A 70 page paper
that provides a systematic overview of existing E-mail software
and groupware server applications, including MS Exchange
Server, Lotus Notes, Netscape E-mail and groupware solutions,
and considers the benefits and limitations of each option.
Bibliography lists 40 sources. Mailware.wps

Internet vs. Freedom of Speech : A 40 page research paper
on the Communications Decency Act, various laws of the
European Union concerning censorship on the internet, and legal
cases related to various issues. The writer details the law in the
United States regarding Freedom of speech and the Internet, the
Communications Decency Act and the recent court battles over
its constitutionality, as well as international parallels to it.
Bibliography lists 21 sources. Internfs.wps

Understanding Computer Criminals & IS Security /
Towards Appropriate Security Measures and Effective
Corporate IS Management :
A 75 page paper that provides a
complex overview of the nature of computer crime and
computer criminals and considers the impact of this knowledge
for training in IS security. Bibliography lists 55 sources.

Labor Issues in Firefighting : A 25 page research paper
dealing primarily with the relationship between fire company
staffing and firefighter and civilian fire deaths. Includes
literature review, methodology, statistical analysis, summary,
recommendations, etc; It is ultimately concluded that there may
indeed be a relationship between decreased fire department
staffing levels and civilian deaths, as well as firefighter injuries.

Healthcare Information Systems : A 70 page thesis
supporting the hypothesis that hospital information systems
technologies have created the need for increased focus upon
confidentiality and security. The writer provides examples such
as the UCSF Medical Center, and demonstrates the ineffective
application of training and protocol that could support a breach
of patient rights in their IS processes. Bibliography lists 28
sources. His.wps

Management / Human Resource Model Thesis :"A Study of
Home-Based Laser Assemble Employees Through Exit
Interviews and Information Technology." :
65 pages in length
including all charts, graphs, and statistical diagrams. The
purpose of this particular study was to determine (via analysis
of exit interviews) if an increase in both the quantity and quality
of training through the use of information technology would
assist in retaining home-based laser assembly employees. APA
guidelines are adhered to, points are well-made, and more than
20 references are listed in bibliography. Interview/survey blanks
(Appendix) are included FREE of charge ! Manathes.wps

Global Management Processes / Planning, Organizing,
Leading & Controlling :
A 50 page research paper that provides
an overview of the major managerial aspects of corporate
globalization, with a focus on planning, organizing, leading and
controlling, and considers the application of these elements within
the role of the global manager. Bibliography lists 35 sources.

The Big Ten Conference : A 34 page research paper on The
Big Ten Conference, its history, state purpose, etc; The writer
discusses administrative accessibility, enrollment, and various
changes that have occurred over the years. Of particular concern
are the conference’s rules, regulations, & by-laws. Bibliography
lists 10 sources. Bigten.wps

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