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Papers On Technology and Society - Modern
Issues - (Page 1)

Industrialism : A 5 page paper on Industrialism in the late
19th and early 20th centuries. Especially as it pertains to the
Steel industry, and farming industry. I.e. how it affected the
share-croppers, and the steel workers. Indu.wps

The Effects of New Technologies on the Global Economy :
A 10 page exploration of the effects of technology on the
global economy. Emphasis is on communications technology
and how it has the potential to either equalize the playing field
in terms of national players or to allow the more
technologically advanced nations to dominate world markets.
Bibliography lists seven sources. Globnew.wps

Going into the 21st Century : A 6 page paper discussing
some of the subjects that will be of great concern as we move
into the 21st century. The three subjects addressed herein are
technology, medicine, and international relations. Each of these
three areas of concern are of great importance and while there
are many other areas that will also change and readjust to a new
era, these areas of concern are perhaps the most obvious and
most influential to all people concerned. The 21st century is
hinting at being a time of great changes and occurrences. Times
have changed drastically in only a few decades, and there is
little doubt that changes and advancements have been occurring
far faster this past century than perhaps, in any other century
known to mankind. Technology, medicine, and international
relations have always proven to be the most advancing, and the
coming of the 21st century will prove this fact even further.
Bibliography lists 4 sources. 21st.wps

Electronic Media Analyzed : A 3 page paper which defines
electronic media, explains its importance and effect on society,
and its repercussions. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

A Comparison In The Development Of East And West
Technology :
Science and technology make up a great portion
of the way the world is able to function today. For every
decision made to incorporate a technological innovation an
ethical decision must also be made - whether the technology
fits within the society's definition of ethical development, or
has man crossed the line into "playing God"? A world culture
is emerging that must be willing to negotiate the different
cultural and religious differences in an ethical analysis of
technodecision making that must include specialized experts as
well as be expanded to include all citizens in a high-science,
high-technology society. The rate of technological
development is to a great extent, a reflection of societal beliefs
and norms. The Eastern world has lagged behind in developing
technology for a myriad of complex reasons. This 30 page
paper proposes a three tiered approach to understanding the
differences between the rate of technological development
between Western and Eastern cultures, focusing on Eastern,
development - India, and Hindu philosophy, in particular.
Bibliography lists 20 sources. KTeawetech.wps

Sociological Ramifications of Cyberculture : This 10 page
paper discusses the Internet and how technology has changed
society and vice versa. Many aspects are addressed including
postmodernism, Interent addiction, globalism, the hacker
mentality and cyberculture. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

Technology & Society / The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly :
A 4 page essay on technology & society in which the author
acknowledges the positive effects of technology and then goes
into detail about the negative impacts including : pollution,
violent crime, destructive weapons, and more. It is essentially
argued that for every good thing technology brings, it seems to
bring at least two bad things along with it. Bibliography lists 2
sources. Technbad.wps

Technology of the Future : Parents have always wondered
what was in store for their children and their children's
children. It has been said, "the Future is Now". Inasmuch as
the world has now entered the age of the computer, this is true.
This is the age of the computer and digital technology.
Computer technology, the Internet and World Wide Web will
continue to dominate marketing until the market as it is known
now ceases to exist. This 5 page paper takes a peek at the
technology of the future in terms of marketing. Bibliography
lists 6 sources. Futech.wps

Technology & Society -- Necessary Progress : An 8 page
paper on technology and how it has historically helped us make
life easier. The writer is very much in favor of progress--
commenting on specific inventions in communications &
transportation and how they have improved society as a whole.
A discussion of the Internet and its future is included as well.
Bibliography lists 4 sources. Technolo.wps

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