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Papers On Air and Aviation (Page 1)

Glenn Curtiss & The Wright Brothers : A 5 page paper
discussing the ongoing feud between these three individuals.
Embroiled in a legal battle that would put some of today’s most
litigious souls to shame, accusations of patent infringements
prevented much development within aviation before the
outbreak of World War I. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

Flight Safety, Wind Shear, and Wake Turbulence :
This 5 page report discusses airplane flight safety with a focus
on wind shear and wake turbulence. The paper also covers
causes of turbulence and wind shear while looking at what
equipment has been designed for detection and mitigation.
Bibliography lists 6 sources. Flighteq.doc

Infamous Flight Around the World / Dick Rutan and Sally
Yeager's Voyager :
A 7 page research paper that provides an
overview of the Voyager's nonstop flight around the world.
This paper concentrates on the specific equipment utilized for
this successful flight. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Aviation Tactics in World War II / American vs. Japanese
Perspectives :
A 12 page paper that provides an overview of
the aviation tactics used by the German, Japanese and
American troops in World War II. Bibliography lists 10
sources. Ww2av.wps

Airline Disasters / An Analysis Of Cause : A comprehensive
23 page research paper on airplane crashes. Citing numerous
examples, the writer examines various crashes and their
possible causes. Industry regulations, FAA restrictions, training
procedures, etc; are analyzed and the idea is presented that
although maintenance problems are a leading cause of plane
crashes, pilot error has played more of a role than we think.
Bibliography lists 15 sources. Aircrash.wps

Flight 800 / Air Tragedy : A 6 page paper describing the
events following the fatal accident. Details of the search which
ensued are covered. The fact that there were two sperate
conclusions as to the cause of the crash is descrbed. There are
also details given as to the changes in regulations ,and rules
that occurred as a result of the crash. Bibliography lists 7
sources. Flight80.wps

The Aviation Safety Rules and Regulations / The Impacts
of Pan Am Flight 103 :
This 5 page paper provides an
overview of the safety rules and regulations in place prior to
the Pan Am Flight 103 crash over Lockerbie, Scotland, and
reflects the changes in the industry that were linked to the
impact of this crash. This paper also considers the changing
view on airline safety in general and increased security
measures implemented by major carriers in compliance with
national and international law. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

The Role Of Human Error In Aviation : A 5 page paper that
discusses the types of human error impacting the aviation
industry with a particular focus on the implications for pilots.
This paper contends that increased training and a reduction in
mechanical problems would assist cockpit crews in increasing
safety. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Humaner.wps

Air Traffic Controllers Dismissal And Its Relation The
Works Of Kant :
A 6 page paper discussing Kant's
imperatives to government and the governed people as they
relate to the firing of the Air Traffic Controllers by Ronald
Reagan. The paper postulates that Reagan's decision was
short-sighted, because his actions have potentially lead to that
which he sought to prevent--a socialistic public labor pool. The
paper discusses the affects of his decision in relationship to
both the public and private sector, and how it may have
resulted in the quiet revolution affecting the private sector.
Although Kant specifies that altruistic citizens subject
themselves to their sovereign, they must also police their
sovereign, and therefore, the long-term results of Reagan's
decision are in the hands of the people. Bibliography lists 6
sources. Controlr.wps

Pilots & “Situational Awareness” : This 5 page paper briefly
discusses the meaning of the term “situational analysis” and
how it assists pilots in making crucial flight decisions. Good
situational analysis skills allow a pilot to be prepared to handle
any potential problem without emotional over-reaction.
Bibliography lists 8 sources. Pilsit.wps

Voice Dictation / Synthesis In Aviation : A 10 page paper
that provides a human factors perspective on the use of voice
technologies in aviation. The writer supports the use of this
technology in reducing pilot error. Bibliography lists 8
sources. Voiceavi.wps

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