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Papers On Public Transportation and
The Freight Industry - last page in
subcategory - (Page 2)

Economic Impact of the Railroad in 19th Century
America :
This 8 page paper discusses the history and
development of railroads in America and their economic
impact on American society. The advent of the railroad and the
expansion of rail service across the country changed American
business, politics, and economics. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

How Railroads Changed Military Strategy : A 6 page
research paper which examines how the use of railroads
changed how the U.S. military conducted warfare strategy. The
writer particularly relates to what has been called the “first
all-out war” fought by Americans-the Civil War. Bibliography
lists 5 sources. Railwar.wps

Maglev Trains : A 15 page paper discussing the maglev train.
The first section of the paper discusses a bit of the history of
trains in order to provide better understanding of the trains of
the present day as well as the future. Following that is a brief
section discussing the particular mechanics of the generic
maglev train. Individual trains, and there relationship to various
countries is then examined. Japan, Germany, and the Untied
States are the countries who are the most active in the research
and development of maglev trains. this is followed by a section
addressing problems and other additional information which is
pertinent to maglev systems. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

The Unprecedented Growth of AEI Corporation : 25 pages
in length. An in-depth evaluation of Air Express International
(AEI)-- the world's leading logistics company and freight
forwarder. AEI's services, finances, and marketing stratagem
are analyzed as are its growth and stockholder issues. Paper
provides an excellent case study. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

The Unprecedented Growth of AEI Corporation # 2 :
30 pages in length. Another in-depth analysis of Air Express
International; This one dealing more with the company's new
technologies, mergers, acquisitions, and international
expansion. The paper concentrates much less on financial
statistics when compared with AEI Case # 1 though.
Bibliography lists 10 sources. Aeicase2.wps

The Computerized World of the Automobile : A 47 page
paper discussing the world of computers as it relates to the
automobile. The history of the engine is discussed in order to
give a basic amount of information in which to understand the
changes that have occurred from an electronic viewpoint. This
is followed by a detailed account of the automobile today
which houses many different forms of electronic controls. The
issues relating to the mechanics who must learn to work on the
new automobiles is addressed. A section detailing some
information regarding computerized design is included to
illustrate where the computerization of automobiles may well
have begun which is followed by a section discussing the
automobile of the tomorrow. Bibliography contains 17 sources.

Germany’s Volkswagen Beetle : A 12 page research paper
which examines the history of the Third Reich’s “people’s
car”-the most popular car in automotive history-its legend and
the reality, and how the new “Bug” compares with the old.
Although originally the brainchild of Hitler, the Volkswagen
Beetle has taken on a new identity of its own. Bibliography
lists 9 sources. Volksbug.wps

Ocean Ports and International Commerce : A 9 page paper
that provides an overview of the trends and issues related to
ocean ports and international commerce, especially in light of
emerging changes in this area of transportation. Bibliography
lists 8 sources. Oceanpor.wps

Taps For "TAPS"? The Trans-Alaska Pipeline System &
Transportation :
A 6 page report on the controversy-torn
history of the oil pipeline traversing the Alaskan tundra, and
the prospects for continuance of the consortium of oil
companies, Alyeska, governing it. The report covers
perspectives of economists, consumers, governmental agencies
and the President, Alaskan officials, public, and native peoples,
environmentalists, the oil industry, and oil company
executives. The implications for the transportation sector of
the economy are discussed. Bibiography lists more than a
dozen sources. Alask.wps

NAFTA And The Transportation & Logistics Industry :
A 9 page paper on this topic. The writer explores how NAFTA
has impacted the railway and trucking industries, and affected
trade with Mexico. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Naftatra.wps

Strategic Marketing Plan For An Air Freight Business :
This 11 page report discusses the development of a strategic
marketing plan for an airfreight company. Bibliography lists 7
sources. Markfri.wps

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