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Papers On Urban Studies (Page 2)
1877-1900: Urban Immigrant And Growing Middle Class :
3 pages in length. The existence of the urban immigrant of
1877-1900 was not particularly well-received by the growing
middle class. The gulf that existed between the two groups was
primarily born from a sense of ethnic privilege that had been
established early on. It can be argued that this rift that
developed, which defined the self-imposed status, proved to be
a serious threat to the overall social fabric. For nearly as long
as man has existed, social intolerance has been driving a wedge
between groups of people whose ambition is the same: to better
their existence through upward social movement. This attitude
has been carried down through the centuries, despite much
effort on all sides to abolish such prejudicial practices. The
writer discusses that although slavery had all but been wiped
out, there still existed deep-seated resentment toward certain
social classes for all the unnecessary suffering minorities had
been forced to endure throughout history. Bibliography lists 4
sources. TLCimgrt.wps

Urbanization In The Late Nineteenth Century : 3 pages in
length. The urbanization of America during the latter part of the
nineteenth century not only changed the nation's values, but it
also created unforeseen problems with regard to the bustling
growth of cities, the complications of new technologies and the
reactions that people had to such significant transformation.
Indeed, for a society to survive, it must be willing to grow.
However, there comes a point when that growth turns into a
detriment more than the asset it was originally intended to be --
such was the case with America's urbanization during the late
nineteenth century. The writer discusses how urbanization
changed America in the late nineteenth century. Bibliography
lists 3 sources. TLCurban.wps

The Rise of the Central Business District & the Importance
of Revitalization :
A 5 page overview of the dynamics of the
central business district in Midwestern city’s. Describes the
traditional importance and the decline these districts have
experienced in recent years. Describes in specific details the
decline and rejuvenation experienced in Paducah, Kentucky.
Bibliography lists 3 sources. Cenbusdi.wps

Jerusalem : This 14 page report examines Jerusalem and the
struggles, historical and current, the city has faced. It gives a
brief overview of the city's history, as well as the conflicts
inherent in a city considered holy by Jews, Christians, and
Muslims. Bibliography included. Jeru.wps

The Destruction of Jerusalem : A 10 page overview of the
ancient history of Jerusalem with emphasis on two of its many
periods of seige, the Babylonian siege in 587 B.C. and the
Roman siege in 70 A.D. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

The Fall of Ancient Cities : 6 pages in length. Using the
specific examples of Beirut and Cairo, the writer of this paper
explores how cities lose their aesthetic value over time.
Analytical comments are made regarding how urban areas that
were once known for their statutes, monuments and ancient
civilizations can not be held in the same light anymore today..
20th century Beirut is not the Beirut of ancient times and can
not be regarded as such.. A detailed explanation follows. No
Bibliography, based on handouts/readings. Cities.wps

Three Ancient Cities / Comparison : 14 pages in length. In
this research paper, the writer examines the artistic and
architectural backgrounds of three ancient cities : Albania's
Burtinti, Mexico's Cholula, and Siciliy's Syracuse. It is
hypothesized that through an examination of their architecture,
we can learn much about the lives of early inhabitants, and the
thought that went into urban planning (roadways, aqueducts,
etc;). Bibliography lists 10 sources. Citianc.wps

Environmentally Sustainable Cities / A Contradiction In
Terms :
6 pages in length. There is no question that the notion
of environmentally sustainable cities represents a contradiction
in terms for the simple reason that the very aspect of any sort of
growth will have a detrimental impact upon the environment. In
light of the fact that the world's population continues to explode,
thus requiring more and more room and resources in which to
appease the earth's inhabitants, the environment is facing
continued degradation while much of its wildlife is becoming
threatened. However, there are those who believe that the
notion of environmentally sustainable cities is more than just a
notion; indeed, they contend that modern design will help to
allow mankind and the environment to harmoniously co-exist.
The writer discusses environmentally sustainable cities in
relation to being a contradiction in terms. Bibliography lists 4
sources. TLCsustn.wps

Urban Sprawl : An 8 page review of the factors which lead
to urban sprawl. Emphasizes that urban sprawl often has a
negative impact on surrounding farmland and sensitive
environmental areas but a positive impact on land value.
Correlates urban sprawl with population growth and
recommends the use of effective urban planning to help keep it
in check. Bibliography lists 5 sources. PPurbanS.wps

Urban Revolution : A 7 page paper analyzing Childs' theories
elements of urban revolution compared to other authors. The
paper discusses in particular, the growth of the state from
conquest, commerce and administrative needs. Childs.wps

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