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    "Angels and Demons" by Dan Brown: A Film Proposal

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    A 3 page paper which examines how Dan Brown's novel "Angels and Demons" could be turned into a very powerful and entertaining film. No sources cited.

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    For the most part if there is a great deal of inner dialogue from a primary character turning a novel into a film is not a good idea. And then  there are some films whose story may be incredibly interesting in book form, but in terms of the big screen a great deal would be lost through active visualization. There  are many elements that a good film requires and as such a book must be something that possesses the elements needed for a successful film. The following paper examines how  the book "Angels and Demons" by Dan Brown would make a very powerful and intriguing film that the audience, if done properly, would love. Angels and Demons Dan  Brown is, first and foremost, the author of the incredibly popular book "The Da Vinci Code." At present time this book is so talked about, and so thoroughly discussed on  almost all the cable channels that it could not do well in a film at this point. But, his book "Angels and Demons" possesses many of the same elements of  suspense and is not so well known. This is one reason why it would make a good film, because its story is as powerful as the Da Vinci Codes story  and thus stands as something that would attract audiences. Another reason why this novel would do well is in relationship to the subtle trend in religious films. Recently there  was The Passion which truly pulled a lot of viewers in and made people think about the existence of God and religion and all the complexities that go with such  thought. In addition, the world has been troubled by spiritual problems, and just today the Pope passed away, giving us a society that is in dire need of spiritual guidance 

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