• "Nurses' willingness to care for AIDS patients and spirituality, social support, and death anxiety": A review of the article by Deborah Witt Sherman

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    A 14 page analysis of the research strategies enlisted in this study, strategies designed to investigate the relationship between independent and dependent variables. The author of this paper delineates the research design and methodology of the study, outlines its statistical approaches, and comments on its findings. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

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    Problem and Purpose In "Nurses willingness to care for AIDS patients and spirituality, social support, and death anxiety" author Deborah Witt Sherman  explores the willingness of nurses to care for patients with Auto Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). Extremely contagious and fatal diseases such as AIDS present the possibility for reluctance on  the part of the nurse to provide the care the patient needs. Sherman points out that professional nurses and nursing students alike have been proven to sometimes exhibit a  resistance to providing care for AIDS patients. She emphasizes that this reluctance to provide care for these patients introduces a number of concerns regarding the potential for needless patient  suffering and an increased risk of others to whom the nurse delegates the care of these patients contracting the disease.  Review of the Literature Sherman provides an extensive review of the literature as it relates to a nurses willingness to care  for AIDS patients. She uses the literature to present the case that: "spirituality and perceived social  support may also be corollaries to nurses willingness to care for AIDS patients (205)" Sherman points out  that Loewy (1988) associated moral choices with a nurses willingness to provide care for AIDS patients. Flauskerud (1987) Sherman relate that such care has the potential to invoke the  fear of death in the nurses. Sherman conveys that Elkins, Hedstrom, Hughes, Sherman contends that spirituality is a: 

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