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    'Warn and Protect' Obligation of Social Work

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    In five pages this paper examines a social worker's duties where clients are concerned. Five sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    lists 5 sources. BB-scwrk.doc Social Work Has a Duty To "Warn and Protect" Written by B. Bryan Babcock for  the Paperstore, Inc., February 2001 Notes to the student - this is the paper that says a social worker should "warn and protect" their client. There will be  some areas that appear to be the same in both papers, because both are about the same topic, therefore some of the same information can be used "for" and "against."  Introduction There are some who have stated that it is "the duty of the social worker to warn and protect" their clients. Although there may be some dissention concerning  the word "duty," this discussion will show "warning and protecting" are indeed, the overall aims of the professional social worker. Code of Ethics One of the standards of any  profession is the code of ethics, which guides its behavior. According to Dr. Carol Brill, (1998), Executive Director, of the National Association of Social Workers, Massachusetts Chapter, "all  professions have a set of values that are the cornerstone of their belief system and the foundation of their practice." These values are translated into principles, which embody the ideals  of a profession, and are transposed to ethical standards, which are the operational methods of turning these ideals into practice. Mission Statement A simple code of ethics for social workers  was first established in the 1920s. Since the formation of the National Association of Social Workers in 1955, there have been three expansions of those original codes of ethics.  However there has not been a formalized "mission statement" of this organization until 1996. This statement, according to Brill (1998) reads that, "The primary mission of the social work 

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