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    3M in Russia (Case Study Analysis)

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    This 4 page paper examines Russia culture by using a case study submitted by a student. A hypothetical situation is provided and solutions are explored. Corporate ethics are at the forefront of this investigation. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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    Russia promotes ethical behavior and security of its employees and strives to differentiate itself from competitors by being an ethical leader." While the idea of doing business in an ethical  manner is good, there are sometimes difficulties in trying to accomplish this. The case study also comes with several alternatives for 3M. One is that if 3M "does not  like the way things are done in Russia, it should not conduct business there." This is a viable alternative. Similar to how people avoid situations or venues that are uncomfortable,  3M can avoid the entire nation because there is corruption. An example of this type of behavior is that people do not go into neighborhoods where danger lurks. Of  course, in respect to not doing business with an entire country because of pockets of corruption is a solution, it is really not the best way of doing business. Russia  is a nation that is in transition and there is a culture of corruption within its midst. However, not doing business at all is akin to negating the opportunities found  in this emerging democracy. On the other hand, forgoing business in a particular country is not always a bad idea. For example, Wells Fargo decided to stop doing banking internationally  because it could never compete with Citicorp anyway (Collins, 2001). Of course, Wells Fargo opted out of the international market for practical reasons. In this case study, there is a  great deal of opportunity for 3M and 3M should probably not avoid Russia entirely. Another suggested option, submitted by a student is that "3M should do business  in Russia but not get involved in Russian culture." This seems to be one way of doing business. It is like doing business with the mob in America but not 

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