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    4 Questions on the Concept of Race Answered

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    In five pages this paper applies Malik's views when answering 4 questions about the concept of race with embeddedness and ethnic cleansing among the topics addressed. Four sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    you may want to make two copies -one with the notes, and one without. Four basic questions have been proposed for discussion from the information that we have examined in  the course, of "The Idea of Race:" 1) The need for national identity in relationship to racism, from the viewpoint of Malik (1996). 2) Using Malik  again to examine the development of "equality" and "humanity" as growth parallels to racism. 3) Is "race" a good example of the social "embededness" of science? 4) Can  ethnic cleansing in the former Jugoslavia be sociologically explained? Each of these questions will be presented as subtitles in your paper. 1. Malik: "Throughout western Europe, politicians  have attempted to recreate national identity in a more exclusive form to give a sense of belonging at a time of widespread disillusionism and despair." While the idea of  "race" is pervasive in contemporary society, theories of "race" and racism remain problematic. Maliks comment can explain the idea of the rise of racism in modern Europe for two  reasons. The first is the human capacity to believe that if there is a "reason" for an event, it is more easily addressed or solved. In other words  if people are seriously "in need" of a reason for European rise in racism, then they will find one. Malik is easy to understand - and to some extend  he will "do," until his reason is either ripped to shreds are dipped in academic bronze, like baby-shoes, then put away to gather dust on a shelf. My approach may  sound skeptical, because it is - history and parental patterns intrude on our best intellectual thoughts - there is little if any reasoning involved. We become just as righteous 

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