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    This 19 page paper looks at a career in marketing starting out by looking at the career conditions and market focusing on the United States. The paper then develops a SWOT analysis that considers what a potential marketing students position would be when looking for their first job. The bibliography cites 11 sources.

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    of the first advertisements recorded was in Ancient Rome where a sandal worn by a prostitute advertised her services. The marketing industry today has grown into a multimillion dollar industry,  with the total spending on marketing in the US industry was estimated at reaching a total of $1.074 trillion (Blackfriars, 2006). This means the professional that work in  this industry are extremely important in an industry, which if vertical, would make up the fifth largest industry in the US. However, the industry is not clearly defined, some companies  will have the own marketing departments, other will outsource marketing with agencies and there are also increasing numbers of marketing consultants. The actual assessment of the total value is almost  impossible as many companies do not reveal their total spend on marketing, but budgets are large, Chrysler spend $1.6 billion a year and Wal-Mart $800 million (Halliday, 2006). This  is also a career where wages can vary from high board level salaries to minimum wages for these starting out with few or no qualifications. By October 2006 there were  a total of 127,300,000 working in the marketing consultancy field alone with average weekly earnings of $768.51 (Economagic, 2006). Competition levels are  very high, and with many new graduates and the need to cut costs many firms have reduced on their graduate schemes knowing that their trained employees were subsequently being head  hunted by different companies seeking to benefit from their training. In many cases graduate placements were leaving only 18 months with employees leaving to make more rapid progress up the  career ladder (Marketing Week, 2005). This does not mean recruitment is not taking place, but that attaining a graduate position is now more difficult than in the past with an 

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