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    A Career as a Marketing Manager

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    This 14 page paper looks at the career of a marketing manager. The paper is written in three parts. The first part looks at the role, qualifications and skills needed as well as general background information. The second part considers the labour market conditions for the chosen career and the third part of the paper uses a SWOT analysis to consider the students plan to pursue a career in marketing management. The paper is written with specific reference to the UK, but most aspects are valid internationally. The bibliography cites 7 sources.

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    To consider this we can look at the role of the marketing manager and the qualifications and skills needed to get to that position. In any company there will be  the need to sell their goods, unless there is knowledge in the target market of the goods or services, no matter what features they have or the competitive advantages that  have been created. Marketing is the key to success in any business as this is a way that the company communicated with the target market and tells the potential customers  of the goods or the services as well as informing them of where to buy the goods were necessary (Kotler, 2003). The way a company undertakes marketing may vary,  there are many models that are used to help with marketing such as the 4 Ps and the 5 Cs. Not all  companies will have marketing managers, it will be a task that falls to as more general manager, these may be companies where the size is not sufficient to hire a  marketing manager and in many cases some firms may employ external agencies to undertake and manage the marketing, as it is felt that there is a greater benefit to outsource  the task to a specialist agency where there is be a higher degree of expertise that the company could afford to recruit internally. The marketing manager will, when they  reach the top of the hierarchy of their career be in charge of many marketing functions playing a strategic as well as and operational role (Hooley et al, 2003).  The marketing manager may have a team of subordinates including market research manager, product development managers advertising managers and branding managers (Anonymous, 2006). 

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