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    A Case Study in Bureaucracy

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    This 7 page paper examines Weber's bureaucracy along with Perrow's criticism of it. Bureaucracy is explored. Both positive and negative factors are highlighted. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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    society tolerates the bureaucracy that is in place in organizations like the Department of Motor Vehicles. What might one want to tell the roommate about bureaucracies, the need for them  and the benefits of them? Perhaps by filling her in on the positive nature of bureaucracies, she will be feel better about having to wait hours on end. Although an  explanation will change nothing in respect to the past or future, at least it will serve to make the roommate feel better about her ordeal. It should first be said  that bureaucracy is a given today. It is found not only in the Motor Vehicle Bureau but also at the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS has taken steps to be  customer service oriented and similarly, some DMV departments such as the one in New Jersey has tried to clean up its image and move things along faster. These governmental mainstays  are quickly becoming customer service oriented. Still, the roommates experience was not good, even in the recent atmosphere of customer friendly service. Yet, there is a rhyme and reason to  bureaucracy. Weber explains that for example the much hated hierarchy is there for a reason. He writes: "Such a system offers the governed the possibility of appealing the decision of  a lower office to its higher authority" (Weber 197). In other words, if there were no hierarchy, there could be chaos and people who thrive on power would take over  and make a mess of things. They might order others around. Bureaucracy, and the hierarchy that goes along with it, provides a sense of stability as well as recourse for  workers and customers. Of course, it is true that it is difficult to complain about a worker and get results because the system seems to allow for mistakes. In some 

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