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    A Case Study in Conflict Resolution

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    This 4 page paper examines a case study submitted by a student regarding conflict resolution for an organization in Connecticut. Ideas about how a conflict resolution session might go are relayed. No bibliography.

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    Members have noted benefits like money saved per week on food for example, and the fact that working on the farm creates a camaraderie. Many adults have noted that  it promotes exercise and the elderly enjoy the experience as it provides companionship. It seems, according to the student, that the farm is important in the creation of a constructive  organization, and this is true especially for children. In summary, the Co-op has been instrumental in creating a cohesive bond within the community. Therefore, most members want to keep it  going. However, a problem crops up. As explained by the case, it seems that the Connecticut State Department of transportation wants to turn the 26 acre strip, which includes  the farm, into a residential and commercial development. They want to accomplish this through the building of housing and retail stores including a food store. This scenario may be  looked at in a variety of ways. On one hand, there is the friction between those who want to build things and destroy the environment and others who see a  natural setting as conducive to contentment. While these two sides certainly exist in the case at hand, the issue is more complex than that. The community by and large enjoy  the Co-op. It is not as if the community is divided. Yet, the city that seems to supersede this community, at least in terms of power, wants to take action  and alter the landscape, thus ignoring the concerns of those who are in the Co-op. Again, this is rather typical when there are commercial interests and the interests of the  individual in conflict. A student writing on this subject ought to give an example of other cases where government has tried to impinge on the rights of individuals. In some 

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