• A Comparison of Research Methodology in Sociology and Anthropology

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    This four page paper compares and contrasts qualitative, quantitative, and interpretive research methodologies as they are utilized in these two disciplines. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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    . Disclaimer:   your paper. and its contracted writers urge the person using this document to further consult the writers handbook for updates to the citation methods  listed below. Citation styles constantly change, and these examples may not contain the most recent updates. A Comparison of Research Methodology in Sociology and Anthropology  Research Compiled by 10/2010 Please   Sociology and anthropology both focus on human behavior and interactions. The two disciplines, however, are quite distinct. Anthropology studies primarily indigenous peoples of certain areas or  time periods. Sociology, in contrast, is the study of the social interaction of all people, not just people who are distinct in one manner or another from others.  Interestingly, these disciplines often share research methodology. The purpose of this paper is to review three research methodologies. One, interpretive anthropological research, will be discussed exclusively in relation  to anthropology. Two other research methodologies, qualitative and quantitative research methodologies will be discussed in relation to both anthropology and sociology. While the philosophical justifications for each varies  in accordance to the specific discipline, they are each widely used methodologies in both disciplines. Research methodology for sociology is geared towards understanding  social structure such as families and institutions. Although it extends to past factors that affect us today, sociology is typically more focused on contemporary times. Bulmer contends that "sociology 

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