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    A Comparison of The Ties That Bind and The Only Child

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    This five page paper compares and contrasts these interesting works by Michael Ventura and John Leonard. Three sources are included in the bibliography.

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    are used to or most of us come to expect as they involve relationships John Leonard and David Kaczynski are two men who know this only too well. John Leonard,  in his essay "The Only Child," describes a man who most people wished to avoid, a man of a brilliant intellect it would seem, and a man with a mental  illness. David Kaczynskis story is told by Michael Ventura. Kaczynski is the brother of Ted Kaczynski, the unabomber and his tale tells of one mans struggle with his brothers illness  and his brothers actions. In the following paper we examine these two stories as they involve responsibility, roles, and guilt concerning the brothers who are telling the stories.  The Ties That Bind David Kaczynski faced many dilemmas when thinking of turning his brother into the authorities. Once he understood that it was his brother who was committing the  acts he knew that something must be done. But, at the same time there was a sense of responsibility to his brother as well, someone that David loved and was  deeply concerned for. While many people may not like to see it, Ted Kaczynski was just a simple man with a problem. The fact that his brother, a very moral  and religious man, loved and turned this man in to the authorities makes the story of Ted that much more real and powerful. He is not just a criminal but  a man with a mental illness that could not apparently be controlled. David had a responsibility to his brother, a man he loved, but he also had a moral responsibility  to the nation and to the innocent citizens of that nation. None of us would like to be in that position that David found himself in. And, perhaps he justified 

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