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    A Discussion Of The Interpretation Of The Bible In The Church

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    A 6 page paper. The document "The Interpretation of the Bible in the Church" was released in 1994. The writer reports some of the essential issues discussed in this document from the Catholic Church. The focus of the document is how exegeses have changed in form and methodology over the years. The writer also comments on why this discussion is important and whether or not it would change the practice of worship in the writer's church. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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    with general questions and issues. The Commission rightfully states that interpretation of Scripture has historically been controversial. The author points out the positive and negative aspects of each exegetical approach.  The major challenge has always been how to make Scripture more understandable to the current population, a challenge that has existed since the first century. This is a very difficult  task because all of the Books in the Canon were written by persons of that specific time in the worlds developmental growth. Something that meant one thing to ancient persons  or even during the first century can mean a very different thing today. The document addresses the fact that things are written, read and interpreted based on ones mindset at  the time. This is one of the reasons the interpretative studies made and written about the Hellenistic Jewish Scriptures are important to interpreting the Books in the New Testament as  well as those in the Old Testament. Another important element of this document is that the authors repeatedly state, in one way or another, that when conducting an exegesis,  it is crucial that the Book being discussed is viewed in the context of the entire Bible, not as some sort of stand-alone document. One statement to this effect is:  "Each individual book only becomes biblical in the light of the canon as a whole" (Pontifical Biblical Commission, 1994, Canonical Approach). This statement was made in the context of the  Canonical approach to reading the Bible. This discussion is not only interesting, it is important because it is here that an emphasis is placed on Jewish Traditions that were in  place for four or five centuries prior to the Birth of Christ. Furthermore, Christs Apostles were well-versed in Jewish canon and traditions as was a great deal of the population. 

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