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    A Fictitious Account of a Five Day Natural Disaster

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    This paper addresses a simulation of what would happen during the five days surrounding a tornado that would hit Fort Worth, Texas. The author utilizes a diary format. This five page paper has two sources in the bibliography.

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    that hit downtown Fort Worth, Texas in March of 2000. DAY 1 As the public information officer for the City of Fort Worth, Texas, I was alerted  that tornadoes had been sighted west of the downtown area at approximately 6:20 p.m. The tornado sirens were sounded, but it was not within enough time for people to  take cover for the most part. The larger of the two tornadoes swept directly through the downtown area of in this city of 480,000 people. The only good  thing to come out of this was the timing of the tornadoes. If they had hit an hour earlier people would have still been in all the office buildings,  and possibly hundreds of lives would have been lost. As it was, the tornado that hit the downtown area hit after rush hour and even the rush hour traffic  was cleared from the city streets by that time. The second tornado ripped through the neighboring cities of Arlington and Grand Prairie, going through residential neighborhoods. This information was  radioed to me as I headed to the downtown area to survey the damage that had been done in that area. The downtown section of Fort Worth looked as  though several bombs had exploded. The streets were virtually impassable with debris and broken glass and there were overturned cars and trucks everywhere. Emergency vehicles were beginning to  arrive at the scene, and personnel were preparing to go through the buildings in search of injured people. Several downtown skyscrapers were completely demolished though still standing. One  was completely bereft of walls on one side; we could see right inside the building through the twisted metal and see the offices, the stairwells, and the entire inside of 

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