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    A Memorial for the World Trade Center

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    This 6 page paper looks at eight proposals for a World Trade Center Memorial. One is chosen and described in depth. The reason for the choice, and a comparison to other entries, is a part of this paper. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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    in infamy, but this one hit New York City directly. That day of course was September 11, 2001. It was also the day that Americans felt vulnerable and they remembered  back to a February morning in 1993 when terrorists made a different attempt to bomb the World Trade Center. There were a handful of casualties then and while the event  made the news that evening, it was nothing like September 11, 2001 at about 9 or 10 oclock in the morning when everyone stopped what they were doing, turned on  the television and watched in horror. New York and New Jersey residents went to their shores to perhaps catch a glimpse or a camera shot of the tumbling towers, all  the while in awe. As they watched the second tower disintegrate, they would hear on the news that planes were going down in nearby Pennsylvania and in Washington, D.C. For  an hour or two, the United States was practically frozen in time. When the state of denial and shock had worn off, President Bush spoke at what was called Ground  Zero, or the site of the attack where the World Trade Center once stood. It was a climate of sorrow at the extreme loss of life, but it also encompassed  a lot of anger. Most of the people--and particularly those who lived in New York--were hit hardest. Now, several years after the fact, a memorial is suggested. Indeed, it is  something that has been discussed throughout the months and usually heated debates would ensue. Should the towers be rebuilt? Should any building be sitting in that spot. Some people suggest  the creation of a park instead, or some sort of memorial. Others wanted to rebuild right away to show the terrorists that we would not be stopped, but most realized 

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