• A Modest Proposal To Abolish Schools And Introduce Workhouses In Their Place

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    This 3 page paper is a proposal written in the style of Jonathan Swift’s 1729 satirical proposal to prevent “the children of poor people in Ireland from being a burden to their parents or country”. This paper argues that school is making children unhappy and causing stress and that the solution is to close the schools and out the children to work, with preference given to the jobs they their size skills give them an advantage. The bibliography cites 1 source.

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    many children this is such as torture that they feel the need to miss school and play truant. At the same time it is costing the state millions in resources  to keep the school open, and while some may enjoy this they are in a minority. By forcing children to attend school and paying for those schools there is a  great disservice given to society at a time when there is a high interest in creating economic efficiencies. Parent may see school as a useful tool, if keeps their  children occupied and in a safe environment while they go out to work or enjoy some time to themselves away from he demands of the young. Therefore, there is at  least a positive in terms of the baby sitting service it provided. But this services is provided in one of the least cost effective methods possible, it is the modest  proposal of this paper that the schools should be closed and that the children should be sent to workhouses where they may still be kept safe, but instead of costing  society money they ill be creating value with the work they undertake. It is agreed by all parties that children would not grow up unsupervised, where they do not  have good role models and a firm structure they may grow up with temptation to behave badly and become disruptive members of society, those who are so unhappy and play  truant may turn to crime and plague communities with disruptive behaviour. By developing a system of workhouses it would be possible to ensure that there is the supervision of children,  that they are not out on the streets and there would not be the time, and they would not have the energy to rebel. The children who already attend school 

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