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    This 24-page paper examines the financial status of poultry distributor Pilgrims Pride. The paper includes a financial SWOT analysis, trends and recommendations. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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    television, dressed in black-and-white pilgrims garb and holding a live chicken. The clever and campaign used by this poultry manufacturer and distributor has done a very good job in making  sure that company leader Bo Pilgrim has become a familiar face, and that Pilgrims Pride has become a familiar brand name. But  there is more to this company then the funny ads. The company has existed for many years in an industry that can be described at best as volatile and  in flux. The fact that Pilgrims Pride has existed as long as it has is a true testament to the decision is that its management has made, and the  confidence of its investors. There are some holes in the positive aspect of Pilgrims Pride however, and this paper is being prepared  to try to better understand some of the weaker links in the strong chain of Pilgrims Pride. Throughout this paper, we will attempt to analyze from a financial basis  the actual strength of this company, and determine if its balance sheet actually lives up to its advertising hype. We will also include a brief section on raising capital  in India, as Pilgrims Pride management has indicated possible expansion plans into this country. BRIEF BACKGROUND Overview Pilgrims Pride is the  second-largest poultry company in the United States, behind Tyson Foods (Hoovers Company Profiles, 2003). The Companys operations and evolved breeding, hatching, raising, processing, distributing and marketing poultry products -- namely  chicken and turkey (Hoovers Company Profiles, 2003). While prepared poultry products are sold under the Pilgrims Pride and Wampler Foods brand names to restaurants, grocery stores and frozen entree makers, 

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