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    A Paper To Examine To What Extent Coping Strategy Affects Student Performance

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    This 10 page paper examines to what extent coping strategy affects student performance. The paper has an introduction, and extensive literature review, a methodology and then presents some potential results produced using an hypothesis test, and then presents conclusions. The bibliography cites 16 sources.

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    Research has indicates that student will cope with stress in different ways. Those who cope with stress positively, seeing a stressful situation as a challenge are more likely to feel  in control look for social support those who respond negatively seeing it as a threat are more likely to feel helpless and drop out of collage. This report uses primary  research to support existing empirical evidence that higher grades and student success are associated with positive coping methods. 2. Introduction Students face a great deal of stress. The period of  adolescence is fraught with difficulties with children adjusting to their adulthood as seen through many developmental models such as Piaget. In addition to this there may be increased family stresses  as well as desires or fears regarding their educational performance and attainment, knowing their futures depend on this performance. There are different types of stress and different ways of  coping with that stress. One methods is that of positive coping. Positive coping includes a range of strategies, which may include relaxation techniques as well as tools such as the  turning to religion (Pritchard and Wilson, 2003). In some circumstances even the decision to ignore stresses as a coping mechanism may be seen as a positive coping methodology as  it relives the stresses that are placing pressure on the student. By understanding the impact that positive coping may or may not have there can be a greater understanding  develop which can be out into practice in order to help students who are suffering from stress of different types as coping with stress is known to have many beneficial  effects (Miller et al, 1999). If we can establish if positive coping is associated with better student performance then this indicate a tool which should be taught to students needing 

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