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    A Proposal ; Does the Application of TQM and Six Sigma in a Multinational Corporation Yield Overall Positive Net Results

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    This 15 page paper is a proposal for a case study project that examines a company using TQM and Six Sigma. The paper proposes an investigation to asses if the Six Sigma model as a whole adds value to the company or if companies may be better just adopting parts of the Six Sigma model to reduce costs and make net gains. Te proposal includes an outline of the context, rationale, questions, methodology and a comprehensive literature review. The bibliography cites 20 sources.

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    question that is being asked. As this is a topic that is looking at the use of the models Total Quality Management (TQM) and Six Sigma in a multinational corporation  these in terms need to be included in the title as well as an indication the topic. The title is usually in the form of a question. Therefore, the working  title here will be "Does the Application of TQM and Six Sigma in a Multinational Corporation Yield Overall Positive Net Results". 2. Research Background The development of TQM and tools  such as Six Sigma as well as other models such as the 5 Ss system saw a rise to vogue in the 1990s. For companies seeking to improve their profitability  the adoption of some of these techniques was viewed as a way of adding value to the company for the customers, the employees and the shareholders. The basis of the  idea is sound, and many of the companies that put TQM into practice do see increased returns (Grant, 1998). However, there are also high costs associated with this type of  development, the change is required at a cultural as well as operational level. When the results are studies the pre and post change results are compared, often there is an  increase in productivity and reliability and a decrease in costs. However, companies are often under a process of change in response to the changing commercial environment. The cost of adopting  TQM model may be high, changing the operations retraining and recruiting new staff and other unseen expenses. In many cases it may be argued that the real benefit s  maybe gained form only a few of the changes rather than the holistic change. If this is the case then much of the funding used during the change and maintenance 

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