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    A Proposal for Researching the Literacy Needs of the Adult Basic Educational Student

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    This 11 page paper does provide a research proposal, but much of the paper relays information about adult learners and their reading abilities, problems and desires. Questions, suitable for use in the form of a questionnaire, are included. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

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    Barber, 2002). In grade school, there are companies like Dominos that provide rewards for reading a certain number of books. Some parents and teachers do not like these programs, suggesting  that the love of reading should be intrinsic. When parents read, and there are books around, the love of reading is supposed to materialize on its own. Of course, this  does not always happen. People are different and have different interests. Although reading literature is generally construed as pleasurable, some people simply do not have the time or inclination. This  is no excuse for children, as they have a great deal of free time, but adult learners may find that this is the case. Another point is that some  adults and children have trouble reading due to visual impairments or disabilities that prevent them from adequately digesting written material. In order to properly created curricula for adult basic education  students, studies should be done to discern how reading ability and desire impacts such designs. II. Proposal Examining attitudes of adult education students toward reading can  be quite helpful. Their reading habits may be important in determining a suitable curriculum. This is a project that will go a long way to help in terms of recommending  what should be a part of the adult education core curriculum. In some way, the idea seems to be irrelevant. After all, there is a likelihood that adult learners do  not like to read or they would not be in the position to have to take adult education reading classes. In other words, they should have gotten adequate instruction earlier.  If this is the case, what will the result of a study show? Is it really wise for them to cut the reading down? Should the curriculum change because of 

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