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    A Proposal for School Safety

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    This 4 page paper uses the Columbine massacre as a springboard for discussion. A proposal is made for school safety. Would such measures have prevented Columbine? The paper evaluates the proposal in light of the horrific event. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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    much has not been done to create an atmosphere conducive to peace. Indeed, schools have gotten tougher. Zero tolerance policies outrage students and parents and because of this, some students  have taken it out on their own high schools. The recent shooting at Red Lake Senior High School was something done by a student who did not fare well  in the system. The outcasts, the struggling student, the angry student, the students that the administration likes to harass, are the ones who end up exploding. There are of course  measures to protect schools. Many schools have implemented tougher policies regarding weapons and allowing students to remain at school. Of course, one learns from Red Lake that expulsion is not  equated with safety. Similarly, many schools use metal detectors and have armed guards. These measures help to an extent, but one problem is that the police leave after the last  school bell has rung. What is to prevent someone from entering the building and shooting up the school when after school activities are in place? The new, strong arm tactics  are useful but only act as a band-aid for the problem. If students are not happy, they will find a way to do harm if they want to. Columbine is  a good case study to use in examining this issue. The Columbine massacre entailed the juvenile antics of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold who planned to kill most if  not all of their high school classmates, then themselves. While many were rescued from the horrific school shooting, there were 15 dead, including the perpetrators. Since Columbine, there has been  a sense of innocence lost. Of course, Harris and Klebold were not the only ones to think of doing away with classmates, but Columbine was a large and devastating blow 

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