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    A Proposal for a New Social Policy

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    This 5 page paper is in the form of a letter addressed to the Committee on Finance. It proposes that the Welfare program be revamped and a new program added to address the needs of transients. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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    be noted that there has been a great deal of progress made in terms of welfare reform and for that, many constituents are pleased. In fact, the research shows that  child poverty has been reduced as a result of reform efforts (Rector, 2003). Indeed, things have changed and today, there are many people who were once on Welfare working for  a living and that is what the program was meant to do. People have been allowed to subsist on government assistance when it is sorely needed but then they are  propelled to go out and make a living for themselves. In fact, such assistance is good for the self-esteem of the recipient as critics of Welfare say that giving recipients  a handout essentially leads to lower self-worth. Helping recipients find jobs is therefore essential to any such program. Also, it seems to be true that the changes in welfare have  been valid and worthwhile. At the same time, a problem persists that was present prior to the positive changes made. There had been an article criticizing the administration of the  welfare system in the United States written in the early 1990s and this seems to provide an examination of the problem at hand. Huff breaks down the "system" into three  distinct categories (Huff, 1992). One is the traditional welfare as it is known state which includes AFDC and food stamps (1992). The second type, as the author explains are programs  such as Social Security and Medicare (1992). Basically, these programs may be thought of as remnants from the Roosevelt era which were originally designed as welfare programs but soon began  to be perceived as entitlements. In other words, people see Social Security as their retirement packages and not as hand outs. Finally, the author creates another category of assistance provided 

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