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    A Proposal for a Qualitative Study to Determine to What Extent the Issue of Sexual Abuse is Acknowledged and Understood in Adult Learning Disability Services in the U.K.

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    This 10 page paper give a detailed proposal for a study to determine the level of acceptance and understanding of sex abuse in adults with learning disabilities. The paper includes a comprehensive literature review followed by a methodology for qualitative primary research. The bibliography cites 12 sources.

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    has been a great deal of attention directed at the prevention and detection of sexual abuse of children but little paid to abuse of vulnerable adults. Although sexual abuse is  not the only form of abuse suffered by children it is one that is abhorrent to society and as such has gained resource allocation and public sympathy. The image of  child victims is able to evoke strong emotional responses which are more muted and restrained if victims are adults. It may be due to the emphasis of sexual abuse towards  children that has meant sexual abuse towards adults has received less attention. Children are not the only vulnerable members of society, and many vulnerable adults also suffer sexual abuse, but  this is less recognised and remains a hidden secret. Adults with learning disabilities are also at risk, often unable to communicate as effectively as unaffected adults and reliant on  others, the risk profile increases and the suffering may remain undetected. The general recognition that sexual abuse does occur has been acknowledged in the literature. However, when looking at the  practical implications of this understanding it appears that the issue of sexual abuse is poorly acknowledged and understood in adult learning disability services in the U.K. In 1997 the Lewisham  Social Services described the protection of adults with learning disabilities as "a relatively new and evolving role for social workers" (Lewisham Social Services, 1997). This is indicative of an area  where the recognition levels are very low and remaining unacknowledged in their entirety. The purpose of this paper is to assess to what extent the issue of sexual abuse is  acknowledged and understood in adult learning disability services in the U.K. The paper will begin with a literature review which looks at the recognition and acknowledgement of this type of 

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