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    A Proposal to Increase Revenue Streams for a Minor League Baseball Team

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    This 5 page paper examines ways to increase revenue streams for a minor league team. The four P's are discussed and much information is provided on promotional opportunities and ways to increase community participation. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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    four Ps, it seems that some ideas may be gleaned. First in terms of product, a baseball team provides entertainment for the general public. The product is more than a  ticket of course as the ticket that is sold provides intangibles. Like the "priceless" commercials fostered by MasterCard, a day at the baseball park provides families with something to do  together. This is important in a day and age when families are crumbling. It also provides an outdoor venue where people can enjoy the fresh air. It is a stimulating  event. For die hard fans, the stadium provides juice for the addiction. Although true addiction is something negative, there are people who thrive on baseball and seem to live for  it, and this is really a harmless condition. While the minor leagues are not as exciting, baseball fanatics will still enjoy the local games as they may not have access  to live major league games. Clearly, the product is something marketable. No market needs to be developed for such a product. It has been there since the inception of baseball.  Price is one important factor in terms of increasing revenue streams. Increasing the price could be advantageous, but of course, it could backfire as well. If pricing is too high,  there will be more unsold seats. Another part of pricing is whether or not there should be tier pricing or one price for all seats. The latter is preferred in  a venue where all seats are good. Attention should be paid to seating arrangements and changes could be made to better accommodate fans if necessary. The pricing should also allow  for affordable family outings. In a Sporting News article, about the minor leagues, Yorio (2004) writes: " And consider the price. Last season, the average AHL ticket price was $12. 

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