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    A Proposed Study to Evaluate the Impact of Vegetarianism on Blood Sugar Level

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    A 12 page proposal to evaluate the effect of a vegetarian lifestyle on blood sugar levels. The study is designed to assess individual's current approach to blood sugar levels, approaches that may or may not include medications and that may or may not include a vegetarian diet. Subjects are selected randomly and provided surveys through e-mail. Their reports as to their lifestyle choices are correlated with blood sugar analyses. Bibliography lists 14 sources.

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    approaches. These include strict attention to diet and weight, the use of homeopathic interventions such as herbs and stress reduction techniques, and pharmacological interventions. The specifics of each  of these approaches each have their importance in that blood sugar is a critical element in overall health so maintaining it within an acceptable range is critical. The purpose  of this paper is to propose a study designed to assess the effectiveness of natural approaches to blood sugar regulation as compared to pharmacological approaches. To do so we  must first identify a specific point of comparison. For the purposes of this paper that point will be the impact of a vegetarian diet on blood sugar for both  those that are currently taking medicine for diabetes and for those that are not.  Thesis The relative benefits of the vegetarian lifestyle constitute a highly controversial topic.  On the one hand there are the vegetarians who contend that their lifestyle not only translates into a better quality of life but also improved health and on the other  their are those that contend that the vegetarian diet is potentially dangerous in terms of health and that any perceived quality of life benefits are more related to ideology than  scientifically demonstrable benefits derived from a vegetarian diet. The intention of this paper is to present a proposal for research which will definitively prove or disprove the benefits of  the vegetarian diet on regulating blood sugar. The thesis that: a vegetarian diet translates 

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